Setting The Record Straight

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Subject: Setting The Record Straight
Date: February 8th 2020
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Setting The Record Straight

In the past year I've made vidoes about nuts, DHA, Vitamin D, as well as about tests and supplements marketed to vegans, and the science they're based on.

In so doing, I have ruffled some feathers.

Although I've had private communicationd with Dr. Fuhrman - who I've known personally over many years - on some complaints he's raised, Dr. Fuhrman recently made a couple of videos asserting that I have been "attacking" and "lying" about him in my videos. He cites six statements which he says I made about him and which he says are untrue.

Today I look at Dr Fuhrman's six allegations, in order to show he is mistaken about each one.

Unfairly blaming the bearer of bad news is sometimes called an ad hominem attack - a fallacious argument whereby genuine discussion of a topic is avoided by instead attacking the character, motives, or other attribute of the person presenting the information. It's also called "attack the messenger."

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Dr. Klaper: DHA Supplements - On Further Thought

After a deep review of research, Dr. Michael Klaper today presents his current thinking - based on what is now known and unknown about DHA supplementation, and about Omega 3 blood testing.

Dr Klaper shares his conclusions, and explains the health risk-benefit analysis that underpins his advice for vegans to avoid DHA supplementation as well as avoiding omega 3 blood testing at this time.

This is a very interesting talk that examines a number of dimensions worth considering.

Watch Now (19 minutes):

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