Truth In Plant-Based Advertising - It's Important

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Subject: Truth In Plant-Based Advertising - It's Important
Date: December 20th 2019
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FTC Bars Deceptive Testimonials
to Market Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss testimonials - we see them in the plant-based community often.

Did you know testimonials can be in violation of FTC statute if they deliberately omit essential information about how the person actually lost the weight?

There are laws about this to protect the public. The FTC uses an example of a weight loss drink testimonial from a customer who lost 40 pounds in two months drinking the product.


But the weight loss drink company concealed the fact the customer had adopted an all raw vegetable diet, and had been exercising six hours a day to help achieve the results. Since those facts were ommitted from the testimonial, it was declared unlawful under FTC statute.

What about plant-based experts who may sell programs in the same way - concealing in the testimonial that the individual with an impressive weight loss - was similarly drastically restricting calories and exercising 6 hours a day?

Is that okay because in this instance the program promoted was a plant-based diet?

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Jeff Nelson




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