Vegan Doctors Harming Followers?

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Subject: Vegan Doctors Harming Followers?
Date: May 6th 2019
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Vegan Doctors Harm Followers?

Today we examine Dr. Joel Fuhrman's explosive public allegation that other prominent vegan doctors are harming their patients, and causing dementia and serious illness among "many of their followers."

Dr. Fuhrman endorses the plant-based diet, but has now asserted that the plant-based diet as taught by certain low-fat plant-based medical doctors - whom he describes as "leaders of this movement" - is dangerous to the public, and will cause serious and irreversible disease, and shortened life.

We are awaiting Dr. Fuhrman's naming the vegan doctors whose followers, he claims, have been presenting at his office in large numbers and being diagnosed with dementia, based on following the diet advice of these other doctors.

Dementia can only safely be avoided, according to Dr. Fuhrman, if you follow his advice, and purchase certain supplements, which are available for sale on Dr. Fuhrman's website.

Which are the plant-based doctors who, according to Dr. Fuhrman, are inflicting serious disease onto the public? Is he attacking Dr. McDougall? Dr. Esselstyn? Dr. Goldhamer? Other doctors? In his new article, Dr. Fuhrman states he was hoping to reach out to these doctors, "before it is too late," so that they themselves did not succumb to the same devastating fate, which Dr. Fuhrman says many of their followers have fallen victim to.

Check out today's video, which is a response to Dr. Fuhrman's article leveling public accusations against other vegan doctors, and in which Dr. Fuhrman also falsely asserts I am part of some kind of conspiracy.

Watch video now (29 minutes):


Spotting Fake Health Information - Pam Popper

Pam Popper of the Wellness Forum explains how to avoid nutrition misinformation. Pam teaches a healthy plant-based vegan diet.

In this full length talk, she examines how the public is easily misled by forces with financial interests, and how to protect yourself.

This is Pam's talk from our 2011 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch video now (1 hour, 10 minutes):


Nuts Will Break Your Heart


The Pulse Wave Velocity test reveals the elasticity of your arteries. Arterial elasticity is strongly associated with risk for heart disease, stroke, and dementia.

The nut industry has paid for many studies to see whether nuts improve arterial elasticity. Their results are very mixed, with most studies showing no effect.

But these were studies of people eating unhealthy Standard American or Mediterranean Diets. What happens when someone following a healthy plant based diet tests nuts with this modality?

Today we bring you the results of a fascinating case study - a longtime healthy vegan following Dr. Esselstyn's diet who used the Pulse Wave Velocity analysis - and found consuming 2 ounces of nuts decreased his arterial elasticity by 20 to 30%, in the hours after the meal.

If you're concerned about heart disease, these results confirm the advice of Drs. Ornish and Esselstyn to tightly restrict nut intake, along with other fats. Dr. Esselstyn appears in today's video discussing this test.

Watch video now (21 minutes):


Is Dr. Fuhrman Right About Nuts?

We sometimes hear that eating nuts extends life, that they prevent heart disease - and that it's "dangerous" to avoid eating them.

What evidence exists to support these ideas?

Today we examine a recent article written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman called "The Attack Against Nuts and Seeds."

We'll look at the data Dr. Fuhrman cites to see what it says, and - more importantly - what it doesn't say. This is part of my ongoing series about nuts and commercial research.

Watch now: (48 mins).


Succeeding on a Plant Based Diet - Matt Lederman MD

Today Matt Lederman MD shares winning strategies for success on a plant-based diet. Dr. Lederman appeared in Forks Over Knives and has written the bestselling Forks Over Knives series of books.

Some people find challenges with healthy eating, problems with friends, family and others who may not like your dietary changes.

Maybe you find it too difficult to eat healthy, and too easy to fall back into bad habits.

Dr. Lederman has a lot to share on these topics and more, and how to make sure you succeed.

This is Dr. Lederman's full talk from our 2013 Heathly Lifestyle Expo.

Watch now: (1 hr, 2 mins).



Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

PS: If you want a description of our daughters' new vegan book THE CLEAR SKIN DIET, go here:



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