Rare Talk on Longevity - John McDougall MD

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Subject: Rare Talk on Longevity - John McDougall MD
Date: February 28th 2019
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Rare Talk on Longevity - John McDougall MD

Aging is a normal part of life — a process that cannot be stopped or reversed; but age-associated diseases can be prevented and our functional lifespan can be prolonged.

But for how long?

The maximum human lifespan is believed to be about 125 years, but so far no one for certain has reached this limit.

The oldest person of authentic record was a French woman who lived to be 122 years old.

This is Dr. McDougall's full talk from our 2006 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, titled "Aging In Style."

Watch video now (48 mins):




The Vegan Physician Farmer - Ron Weiss MD

A plant-based doctor in New Jersey, Dr. Weiss prescribes the Ethos Diet – an all-organic, ecologically-sustainable, and Whole Foods Plant Based diet – as the cornerstone of his work with patients.

A growing body of research indicates that a whole-foods, plant-based diet helps patients dramatically heal from chronic illness.

Over the years, Dr. Weiss has found the Ethos Diet to have an exceptional success rate in reversing most chronic diseases.

This is Dr. Weiss' full talk from our 2015 Expo.

Watch video now (1 hr 19 mins):




Are Vegan Doctors Exaggerating?

How often do we have to debunk Dr. Michael Greger?

Every time it seems.

Watch how Dr Greger uses “science” to advance a bizarre nut agenda.

It’s irresponsible.

Watch video now (23 mins):




More Nut Industry Lies Exposed (Part 5 of Nuts)

Good news - you can eat chocolate and lose weight!

Nuts too - so says the nut industry, and NutritionFacts.org has all the latest nut industry-funded "science" ready for your consumption!

This is Video 5 in our series on nuts and corrupt commercial research.

You don't want to miss this one, because we're letting you know about a documentary that unmasks the nut industry and other companies who use "science" to market their questionable products.

Watch video now (45 mins):




Nuts and Heart Disease - Dr. Esselstyn (Part 4 of Nuts)

Dr. Esselstyn was recently asked why he recommends no nuts for people with heart disease.

But he does allow nuts and other overt plant fats to people who don't have heart disease.

What was the diet followed by Ellsworth Wareham MD - the vegan Adventist surgeon who lived to 104?

Listen to Dr. Wareham describe in his own words what he considers to be the most important vegan diet to follow.

Watch video now (12 mins):




Rich Roll - Finding Your Ultra

Do you know Rich Roll? He's got a wildly popular podcast where he interviews many plant-based luminaries.

Bestselling author of the inspirational memoir - Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself - in this talk Rich Roll tells the story of recovering his health and life. A plant-based diet was a key to his regaining his health, being able to compete in ultra marathons, and recover his life.

It's quite inspiring.

Watch video now (1 hr, 6 mins):




You Don't Need to Add FAT to Absorb Nutrients (Part 3 of Nuts)

Have you ever been told you should eat some fat, like nuts or avocado, when you eat a salad or raw veggies, so that you absorb nutrients better?

That's nutrition advice from Kraft Foods Inc.

They created this nutrition advice to try to increase sales of Kraft's Good Seasons Italian Dressing line.

You might be interested to know that research NOT paid for by food corporations shows you don't have to add fat -- or worry about this issue at all.

Add nuts or avocados or other fats if you'd like; but they won't give you any necessary absorption benefits versus not adding them.

Watch video now (30 minutes):




Nut Studies Are a Hoax (Part 2 of Nuts)

Have you ever heard that "nuts will make you live longer?"

Or that "nuts prevent heart attacks?"

Both of these statements - and many other claims about nuts - are based on very weak or non-existent evidence.

They come from researchers who've received a whole lot of money from the nut industry.

Today we bring you Part 2 in our multi-part video series on nuts. And this time, we name names of the researchers receiving millions from the nut industry to come up with dodgy studies. It's all about making highly questionable marketing claims.

We break it all down in this one-hour video.

And just for the record - I'm NOT anti-nut. I love nuts! But I AM anti-BS. I believe in people making informed decisions about their diet and health, which is why we're bringing you this series.

Watch video now (65 minutes):



Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

PS: If you want a description of our daughters' new vegan book THE CLEAR SKIN DIET, go here:




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