Research on Meditation (VIDEO)

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Subject: Research on Meditation (VIDEO)
Date: November 28th 2018
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Practical Meditation - A History and How To - Rev. Heng Sure PhD (VIDEO)

Rev. Heng Sure PhD presents a survey and history of meditation practices.

He examines medical studies that have shown measurable impacts when large groups of people meditate together.

He demonstrates an easy meditation technique anyone can master.

This is the full talk from Rev Heng Sure's presentation at the 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch video now (1 hour):


Curing Depression with Food & Lifestyle - Neal Nedley MD (VIDEO)

Many feel that they aren't smart enough, attractive, enough, wealthy enough, or motivated enough to feel happy and fulfilled.

Although there may be elements of truth in these thoughts, they have the tendency to make us victims–because we think the causes result from something beyond our control.

Dr. Neal Nedley shows how you can change the way you think about things and you can also change your basic values and beliefs. When you do, you will often experience lasting changes in your mood, outlook, and productivity.

This is Dr. Nedley's full talk from our 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch video now (1 hour, 11 minutes):


Are We Designed to Eat Meat? Milton Mills MD (VIDEO)

Dr. Mills gives a comparative anatomy lesson on carnivores vs. herbivores and omnivores. What about humans? Are we designed to work well eating lots of animal products?

This is Dr. Mill's full talk from our 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, and it's packed full of interesting information about human anatomy, and how it's optimized for plant foods.

Watch video now (1 hour, 25 minutes):


Focusing on Nutrients Is A Scam - T. Colin Campbell PhD (VIDEO)

Famed Nutrition professor T. Colin Campbell says: Stop hyper-focusing on individual nutrients. We need to completely rethink the science of nutrition.

Nutritional science, long stuck in a reductionist mindset, is transformed by this revolutionary approach.

Stop reading articles and watching videos about this nutrient or that, or even this food or that. It's about eating WHOLE foods, not about a few specific nutrients or foods where the research you may have heard - is probably wrong or irrelevant.

This is Dr. Campbell's full talk from our 2013 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch video now (1 hour, 18 minutes):


CANCER: It's What's For Dinner - T. Colin Campbell PhD (VIDEO)

Cancer is often caused by the environment - and what we eat is probably the most profound way we are exposed to the environment.

In this full-length fascinating presentation, Dr. Campbell recounts his unexpected discovery that animal products - promote cancer. Dr. Campbell describes how he was able in multiple experiments to turn cancer "on" and "off" by manipulating the amount of animal protein in the diet. This is the background that led to Campbell's famous China Study, and his bestseller by the same name.

This is the full talk by Dr. Campbell from our 2006 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch video now (1 hour, 18 minutes):


Junk Food Vegans: Undercutting the Message? - Dr. McDougall (VIDEO)

To Dr. McDougall, "vegan" means a person with outstanding character, someone willing to sacrifice and committed to making a difference.

But could some vegans or animal rights activists be more effective examples and advocates - by embracing a healthier vegan diet?

Originally titled "The Fat Vegan" (but title modified for YouTube), this is Dr. McDougall's full talk on the subject at our Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2009.

Watch video now (43 minutes):


Everything Doctors Won't Tell You - Dr. McDougall (VIDEO)

Diet is at the root of nearly every common fatal and disabling disease. 

This insight is the result of the close observation of over 1,000 hospitals.

The good news is you can start reversing this right now. 

John McDougall MD shows that prevention through a healthy diet and lifestyle is the only defense, and "early detection" is BS.

Watch video now (25 minutes):


Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

PS: If you want a description of our daughters' new vegan book THE CLEAR SKIN DIET, go here:



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