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Subject: New Book from the VegSource Family
Date: April 16th 2018
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Clear Skin Diet book - launched!

Nina and Randa's book THE CLEAR SKIN DIET went on sale last week - with kickoff events at major book stores!


People Don't Have to Have Acne

If you ask someone in their 40 or 50s what health issues they're worried about, they're probably going to answer cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

If you ask someone in their teens, twenties or even thirties, what may be driving them crazy - it's acne! And it's not just a little annoyance. Acne can be emotionally and physically devastating.

Nina and Randa found this out the hard way, and unfortunately were stuck temporarily in the medical system trying to figure out why the heck two healthy vegan girls were suddenly hit with horrible acne.

Turns out even vegans can require a dietary intervention!


So What Do You Do When Medicine Fails You?

You go back to your roots - Dr. John McDougall. And he says: eat plants in their most basic form.

The girls cleared their skin in what some people would say was a miracle. They were so inspired by what they had discovered (or rediscovered) about skin and food and health, that they decided to test out the theory connecting acne and food with other people.

This was the birth of the Clear Skin Diet. And these two young women, Nina and Randa, put together a medically supervised study, with 130 participants, and supervised by Steve Lawenda MD of Kaiser Permanente. They found that their "miracle cure" for acne worked on many many other people, too.

In other words, their experience clearing their acne through diet - was not a fluke.

Think about a couple of young girls doing what the American Academy of Dermatology has failed to do - test the very real connection between food and acne.

The girls' Clear Skin Diet book shares how they cleared their acne with food - and spotlights the transformation stories of the pilot study participants.

Nina and Randa, the girls you've probably known since they were babies if you've been following VegSource over the years, can teach people how to rid themselves of the scourge of acne. This is pretty cool! And revolutionary!

You can look at some of the extraordinary before/after photos of study participants, in videos on their website. This is very powerful stuff:

Nina and Randa figured out something that scientists failed to do, and no one else is even looking at.


If you want to watch a 90 second video showing the transformation of some of the study participants, go here:

Then order a copy of the Clear Skin Diet from Amazon - because the book tells the Nelson story, Nina and Randa's story, and the story of many others who got relief from the nightmare of acne - by following the diets of cultures where no one ever gets acne.

If you scroll further down on the Clear Skin Diet page, you can watch a 7 minute video about Sarah and Maria, who describe the shame and embarassment of their acne - this was on Day One of our Acne Intervention Study. Then hear and see them talking months later - after they have used the Clear Skin Diet to clear their acne. Hear what it meant to them, how clearing their acne changed their lives and gave back their self esteem.

We hope you'll check out the book and consider picking up a copy, to learn more about the Nelsons, and help support the ongoing work of some groundbreaking young ladies!

You may be someone who believes you're past the age where you need to worry about acne. But I bet you probably have someone in your life who suffers. Could be a child, a sibling, a friend, a grandchild - there is someone you can help with this book!

Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

PS: If you want a description of what exactly is in the book, go here:

What Experts Say About The Clear Skin Diet:


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