How a Medical Doctor Got Well (VIDEO)

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Subject: How a Medical Doctor Got Well (VIDEO)
Date: March 22nd 2017
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How a Sick Doctor Healed Himself - Steve Lawenda MD (VIDEO)

Steve Lawenda MD was a Kaiser physician with some serious health problems. Not only that, his father and grandfather had both succumbed early to heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure.

As an obese, pre-diabetic doctor beginning to battle the same "genetic" (he thought) conditions that had destroyed close family members, how could Lawenda tell his patients how to get well -- when he himself was getting sicker and sicker?

Then he learned about the power of a healthy plant-based diet, and everything changed.

Watch Dr. Lawenda -- a rising rock star in the plant-based world -- talk about finding real health.

This is an excerpt from Dr.Lawenda's talk at the 2016 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch now (10 minutes):


Prebiotics and Probiotics - Dr. Van Dyken & Your Microbiome (VIDEO)

Research shows that your gut microbiome has profound influence on your health, your weight, your moods, your everything.

And what you eat controls the flora your biome. What's the difference between a "prebiotic" and a "probiotic," and what are some good examples of each?

Dr. Van Dyken discusses some of the foods that help create the healthiest biome -- you may want to include these if your own gut flora isn't as healthy as it could be. This is a video excerpt from Dr. Van Dkyen's talk at the 2016 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch now (10 minutes):


Nelson Family in New York - vLOG (VIDEO)

The Nelsons just got back from a wonderful New York week. We ate at some great vegan restaurants like Candle 79, Blossom, and By Chloe.

We had some meetings on a special vegan project brewing.

And we experienced just about every kind of weather -- t-shirt weather, rain, eight inches of snow, and freezing rain -- all inside a week's time!

If you'd like to have a personal look at our recent romp around NYC, we've got just the video for you!

Watch now (12 minutes):


Neal Barnard MD - Breaking the Cheese Addiction Can Revolutionize Your Health - Full Talk

What does the dairy industry not want you to know?

Dr. Barnard explains.

This is Dr. Barnard's FULL one-hour talk from our Expo, on cheese, milk and the many reasons you want to break the dairy addiction.

For a fascinating, entertaining talk about why to avoid dairy, watch this video.

You can get this talk -- and 14 others from our Expo -- on DVD or via instant streaming in our store.

Watch video now (56 minutes):


Dr. McDougall: No Such Thing as "Early Detection"

John McDougall MD discusses the process of cancer growth, and shows that prevention through a healthy diet and lifestyle is the only defense, and "early detection" is BS.

This is an excerpt from Dr. McDougall's talk at the 2016 Expo. The full talk is available for instant streaming in our store, or on DVD.

Watch now (25 minutes):


March 24 - 26 in Pasadena, CA -- Supercharge Your Health with this Engine2 Event!

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Rip Esselstyn's 2Forks Weekend in Pasadena, California -- and had an amazing time!

Rip is bringing his Engine 2 Weekend event back to Los Angeles in March, and we got a special discount code for you, if you'd like to attend!

This is an event that features plant-strong greats like Dr. Esselstyn, Doug Lisle PhD, Rich Roll, Chef AJ, Rosane Oliveira -- and many more!

Not only are you going to get incredibly valuable and useful information, but this is one heck of a fun time, with a lot of laughs mixed in with the learning.

This is a weekend-long event, great for those new to the plant-strong lifestyle, as well as those who've been living it for a while.

Sabrina and I highly recommend it, if you can attend.

You can save $50 off the admission price by using the discount code VEG50 at checkout:

For full information, and to order tickets, click here:

Remember to use VEG50 at checkout to save $50 off the weekend price.


Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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