Your Gut Biome Controls Your Health (VIDEO)

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Subject: Your Gut Biome Controls Your Health (VIDEO)
Date: December 11th 2016
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Expo 2016 DVDs - Now Shipping!

Our best Expo ever -- now you can have all of the talks, 13 hours, to watch and enjoy on DVD or via immediate online streaming.

Watch an excerpt right now -- Dr. Irminne Van Dyken talks about your gut biome, and how the bacteria living in your gut determines a great deal about your weight, energy levels, and so much of your health.

Watch now (5 minutes):

You can order the DVD or watch all the talks immediately via online streaming in our store.

For more info about buying these 13 incredibly valuable hours of talks from a variety of experts, visit our online store:


New McDougall Book -- Healthiest Diet on the Planet

Just when you thought John and Mary McDougall have said it all, out comes another bestseller!

This book is chock full of fascinating and new information that shows how to reclaim and retain excellent health by eating the foods you've always loved, but may have been told to go easy on.

Dr. McDougall's scientifically proven approach not only encourages us to eat the foods we crave and enjoy, but it's also helped hundreds of thousands of people lose unwanted weight, discover more energy, discontinue unnecessary medications, avoid illnesses, and live longer and stronger.

By enjoying nutritious starches, fruits, and vegetables, we can get healthy, one satisfying meal at a time. John and Mary McDougall offer a delicious, easy-to-follow, and proven guide that lets you enjoy the foods you love again -- and, in the process, prevent and reverse disease.

Trying to think of a holiday gift for friends and family dear to you? You can't do any better than Dr. McDougall's "Healthiest Diet on the Planet."

To learn more and order your copy, go here:


The Meat Packing Business, VegSource, and the Future

I recently had the honor of speaking at Dr. McDougall's Advanced Study Weekend in September.

In my one-hour talk I presented the history of the meat-packing business in the US, because I have a lot of personal (family) knowledge on the subject.

I also told the history of, as this year is our 20th anniversary. And I discussed where VegSource is going in the future.

Dr. McDougall kindly made available a video of my talk, and today I'm inviting our readers to pull up a chair, get comfortable, and learn exactly how it happened that the modern Western diet contains massive amounts of animal products at every meal.

Click here to watch full video:

Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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