Bryanna Clark Grogan

Bryanna Clark Grogan

Posted August 10, 2011

Published in Food, International, Lifestyle

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My new Meatless Kibbeh with my lower-fat version of Taheena 


I've been working on this recipe for a few weeks and served it to friends Sunday night for dinner-- it was all eaten up by 4 of us!  You know that I've written about various types of kibbeh (here, and here in past posts (and there's another recipe in my new book), and what kibbeh is.  Most kibbeh is made from meat, but many varieties are made from potatoes, squash and other vegetables, along with bulgur and onions and spices.  I love kibbeh!  I wanted to make a vegan meatless variety that was quick and easy to throw together, so I chose to use Yves "ground Round", but you could use any vegan "hamburger crumbles", or even 2 cups of ground seitan.  It is very easy to make and it's best at room temperature, so it's fine-- better, actually-- to make it ahead of time.

I want to fool around with this recipe in future, perhaps adding dried fruit and or pine nuts, using a pomegranate glaze or sauce, layering with vegetables or lentils, etc. Any ideas?

Printable Recipe

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Servings: 6

Best made ahead of time and served at room temperature. Another optionwould be to top the loaf with sliced tomatoes and onions, salt, pepper, a little olive oil before baking, as in the photos at this blog post.

2 cups    vegetarian "hamburger crumbles" (such as 1 pckg. Yves "Ground Round")  

1 medium    onion, cut into chunks  

1/2 cup    medium (#2) bulgur wheat, rinsed and drained  

4 oz    potato, peeled and grated  

2 tablespoons    soy sauce  

2 tablespoons    ketchup  

2 tablespoons    nutritional yeast flakes  

1 tablespoon    dried mint  

1 tsp    ground cumin  

1/2 tsp    salt  

1/2 tsp    garlic granules or powder  

1/2 tsp    cinnamon  

1/4 tsp    allspice  

   freshly-ground black pepper to taste  

   olive oil
To accompany:
Taheena Sauce


Preheat the oven to 350° F.

Process the onion in a  food processor until minced, then add the "hamburger crumbles" and process until it is a slightly finer texture. Mix this with the remaining ingredients (except the olive oil) together well in a large bowl with your hands.

Press the mixture into 2 qt. round or oval baking dish, sprayed with olive oil from a pump sprayer, and press it down gently and evenly.  (You can line the bottom with cooking parchment, if you like.) Spray the top with olive oil from a pump sprayer, or brush it on lightly. Cut the mixture carefully right through in a diamond pattern (see photos).

 Before baking

Bake, covered, for 1 hour. Place it under the broiler for a few minutes to brown the top slightly. This firms up as it cools and can be reheated. Re-cut the wedges you cut before baking and loosen the sides with a table knife. Serve with Taheena Sauce.

Kibbeh After Baking

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition (per serving): 148.5 calories; 5% calories from fat; 0.9g total fat; 0.0mg cholesterol; 631.0mg sodium; 586.3mg potassium; 23.8g carbohydrates; 6.8g fiber; 3.3g sugar; 17.0g net carbs; 14.2g protein; 2.2 points.