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Shocking abuse of New Zealand dairy calves

Jess Parsons | November 30, 2015 | Animals

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Shocking footage, as published on TV. And further unaired footage, from Farmwatch. Of course, it's only shocking if you haven't been paying attention. For decades, investigative psychic geniuses, I mean, animal activists like those at Farmwatch always manage to......


Vegan burger at McD's - Are we lovin' it?

Jess Parsons | April 30, 2015 | International

Read More: activism, advertising, boycott, childhood obesity, children, cruelty to animals, employment, industry influence, junk food, McDonald's, rainforest, vegan

News flash on the local Auckland vegan network: you can get vegan burgers from McDonald's now! In some very limited outlets, you can use a touchscreen to create your own gourmet burger. Guacamole, mushrooms, tortilla strips, lettuce, tomato and......