The Justice for Animals Fund provides grants up to $1000 to assist small grassroots organizations in animal advocacy. The Fund is a small foundation, so it must limit its focus. Consequently, it cannot afford to assist organizations whose main activities are animal rescues, shelters, or spay/neuter programs. Please contact Stephen Kaufman at prior to submitting an application to ascertain whether or not a particular application will likely meet JAF qualifications.

The grant committee requires the following documents and information:

1) Copy of 501(c)(3) determination letter.
2) Previous year's financial statement and/or IRS 990 forms.
3) List of organization's board and/or officers and information regarding their compensation.
4) Statement of organization's purpose.
5) Brief review of organization's accomplishments and future plans.
6) If possible, an example of the organization's literature.


Justice for Animals Fund
3200 Morley Road
Cleveland, OH 44122