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Hinduism is based on the diverse Vedic texts, which repeatedly advocate nonviolence towards humans and animals. Consequently, pacifism and vegetarianism have been encouraged by Hindus for thousands of years. Hindus recognize that animals have feelings and believe that animals have souls that are reincarnated into different life forms over time.

Ahimsa: The Hindu Ethic of Non-Violence
The Hindu Diet

... a wise man should not act sinfully towards earth , nor cause others to so allow so...
Jain traditions respect ahimsa (nonviolence), aparigraha (non-acquisition), asteya (respect for others' rights) and satya (truth). While Jains comprise less than 1% of India's population, they contribute more than half of all social welfare. All of India's 7 million Jains are vegetarians, reflecting Jainism's central tenet that it is wrong to kill or harm any living being.

Reference: Michael Tobias. Life-Force: The World of Jainism, 1992.

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