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Fruits of Tantalus: A History of Vegan Rawfoodism and Fruitarianism (with Recipes)

Fruits of Tantalus: A History of Vegan Rawfoodism, Fruitarianism and the Origins of Cooking treats the growing subject of vegetarian rawfoodism from a historical perspective. Written with the suspense and drama of a thrilling novel, Fruits of Tantalus is another of Rynn Berry's works of highly readable vegetarian history. He starts his work in remote pre-history among the frugivorous anthropoids and traces the history of human vegetarian rawfoodism right up to the present day. With painstaking scholarship, for which he has become well-known, Berry adduces medical, physiological archaeological, and historical evidence to support the contention that humans, the only animal that cooks their food, by eating cooked food, have strayed from their natural diet.



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