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History of Vegetarianism

IVU Religion and Vegetarianism articles

Food of the Gods

Compassion in Religion

Humane Religion

World Religions Embrace Vegetarianism


The Hindu Ethic of Non-Violence

The Hindu Virtue of Vegetarianism

Christain Vegetarian Resources

Animal Rights and the Dhammapada

Jewish Veg

The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights

Islam Veg

The Islamic Basis of Vegetarianism

Christian Animal Rights Effort

The Order of the Cross


By or about Rynn Berry

Review: Famous Vegetarians - by Lavina Melwani

Review: Food for the Gods - by Charles Patterson

Review: Food for the Gods -

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Rynn at the World Vegetarian Congress in Toronto 2000

'India's vegetarian tradition influenced the West'
- The Times of India, 7 May 2000

Why Hitler Was Not a Vegetarian - by Rynn Berry

The First Vegetarian Thanksgiving - by Rynn Berry


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