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Fruits of Tantalus: A History of Vegan Rawfoodism and Fruitarianism (with Recipes)

Fruits of Tantalus: A History of Vegan Rawfoodism, Fruitarianism and the Origins of Cooking treats the growing subject of vegetarian rawfoodism from a historical perspective. Written with the suspense and drama of a thrilling novel, Fruits of Tantalus is another of Rynn Berry's works of highly readable vegetarian history. He starts his work in remote pre-history among the frugivorous anthropoids and traces the history of human vegetarian rawfoodism right up to the present day. With painstaking scholarship, for which he has become well-known, Berry adduces medical, physiological archaeological, and historical evidence to support the contention that humans, the only animal that cooks their food, by eating cooked food, have strayed from their natural diet.

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Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism and the World's Religions

"Food for the Gods is eloquently philosophical; it is eavesdropping on the erudite." - Dr. Kristin Aronson, Professor of Philosophy, Western Conneticut University

"Rynn Berry has created a memorable feast for mind, body, and soul. Food for the Gods makes a tasty and terrific gift for the cook who has everything, including a lively curiosity and an adventurous culinary spirit." - Lorna Sass, author of Lorna Sass' Complete Vegetarian kitchen

" ...His latest, Food for the Gods, is a fascinating investigation into the world's great religions. Berry provides illuminating essays on vegetarianism in Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, and other non-Western religions, as well as Christianity and Judaism. He interviews religious thinkers who are also vegetarians, and he supplies recipes for dishes that have come from these different cultures. The result is a banquet for the taste buds of the mind." - Jack Kroll, Senior Editor Newsweek

Famous Vegetarians and their Favorite Recipes

From Buddha to the Beatles... Rynn Berry has collected a group of marvelous essays about famous vegetarians, past and present. But even more exciting are the recipes that they share with you! Like Soup Printanière from Leo Tolstoy, or Savoury Mince from Paul McCartney. It's 270 pages chock-full of wondrous gastronomic delights.

"...enjoyable to read and the dishes are delicious." - Vegetarian Journal

"Berry's book is scholarship at the end of a fork - and for writing it, he deserves and A." - Vegetarian Times

"Just imagine serving your Aunt Tillie the almond pudding cherished by Leonardo." - Animals' Agenda

New Vegetarians

A collection of biographical sketches of and interviews with famous contemporary vegetarians.


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