May 26, 2008

It's about our kids
The Center for Parental Freedom is a coalition of parents, teachers, professionals
and children who seek to have parental authority and personal rights respected in US schools. We believe strongly in and actively promote parental choice. We believe that parents -- and not schools or corporations -- are the appropriate entity to decide when or where our children should be consuming junk food, sodas, cigarettes and alcohol.
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Corporations pay shameless PR hacks to try to hoodwink the public Tobacco, booze and junk food companies pay professional lobbyists millions to create phony nonprofit organizations. These industry shell organizations then undertake bogus but high-sounding aims, such as "protecting consumer choice" (in reality: promoting smoking, booze and soda pop) and fighting against the "meddlesome nannies" -- an industry buzzword used to describe parents who want to make decisions about their own children's health habits.

Read our press release about Berman's antics.

A watchdog group recently exposed one such anti-parent PR fatcat, Richard "Rick" Berman, who receives obscene sums of corporate cash. The Phillip Morris tobacco company liked a scheme Berman hatched so much -- they wrote him a $600,000 check for seed money. But that's peanuts for Berman. Berman's front is called "Consumer Freedom" but it really should be called "Corporate Freedom" because it's just a corporate-funded attempt to put as many obstacles as possible in the way of responsible parents.

The despicable industry lobbyist Berman lives large distorting the truth for a living (the non-profit Consumer Freedom paid Berman $254,000 in fees out of it's $514,000 budget, according to publicly available tax returns), and using whatever guile he can invent to try to block parental controls over their own children . . .

Fatcat lobbyist Rick Berman responds with a silly letter -- click here to read our response.

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