A Word About Dr. Attwood's Program...

r. Attwood has designed a simple, effective program to help you and your entire family make the transition to the healthiest possible eating habits. The program is detailed in Dr. Attwood's bestselling book, Dr. Attwood's Low-Fat Prescription for Kids.

Not everyone is able to start eating a low-fat, meat-free diet right away. Dr. Attwood's program is divided into four stages. Through each stage, Dr. Attwood shows you how to decrease the food items that lead to poor health and disease, and increase those foods which are rich in nutrients and which will give you the health and vitality you've always wanted.

You will be guided to gradually eat fewer high-fat foods until Stage Four, where you will find you've almost effortlessly given up all meat, fish, and chicken -- and you'll know how to distinguish between healthy and un-healthy foods. By the end of Dr. Attwood's program, you and your family will feel better, look better, and look forward to starting each day with more energy and bounce than you've ever had before.

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