Which Vegetables Are Best?
Density of Nutrients:
What People Should Eat Most
(highest to lowest)
What People Actually Eat Most
(highest to lowest)
Broccoli 1 Tomatoes
Spinach 2 Oranges
Brussel Sprouts 3 Potatoes
Lima Beans 4 Lettuce
Peas 5 Sweet Corn
Asparagus 6 Bananas
Artichokes 7 Carrots
Cauliflower 8 Cabbage
Sweet Potatoes 9 Onions
Carrots 10 Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Corn 11 Peas
Potatoes 12 Spinach
Cabbage 13 Broccoli
Tomatoes 14 Lima Beans
Bananas 15 Asparagus
Lettuce 16 Cauliflower
Onions 17 Brussel Sprouts
Oranges 18 Artichokes

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