DVD Review: VeganGal.com Change Your Food, Change Your Life

Reviewed by Caryn Hartglass

Change Your Food, Change Your Life from vegangal.com is a wonderful new DVD. Follow Jill Ovnik through an hour and twenty minutes of fun and facts on changing to a vegetarian diet. Jill Ovnik, a mom who was overweight most of her life, tells her story of how she lost weight and now looks and feels great.

The DVD starts with an introduction where you meet Jill in her kitchen. You'll warm up to her right away. She is natural, friendly and funny. Then Ms. Ovnik gives a presentation to a group on the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet. She includes a lot of facts about disease and nutrition and gives a list of references for further reading. It's a very complete basic introduction into the reasons why we should eat a vegetarian diet.

Next we go shopping with Ovnik in a health food store. She points out a lot of tasty transition foods that help people eliminate the meat and dairy in their diet. And being a mom, she talks about the meals she makes for her kids that the whole family enjoys.

Back in the kitchen, Ovnik makes some very kid-friendly recipes. These include chick pea smash, nacho bake and orange pudding. They are simple and are great for kids to help prepare. The recipes are all on her website, vegangal.com.

The last segment shows Ms. Ovnik dining in several restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She cleverly orders too much food at each meal in order to demonstrate how easy it is to order lots of vegetarian fare at any restaurant and have it be delicious and varied. Warning - don't watch this program when you are hungry!

You can view clips from the DVD on the website www.VeganGal.com. The website includes other links, resources, recipes and recommended reading. Of course, John Robbins' Diet For a New America is at the top of the list!

Visit www.VeganGal.com for more info.