New Monthly Vegan Column in Vegetarian Times

Marie Oser, bestselling author, syndicated columnist, and VegSource Soy Talk Board Host seems intent on breaking new ground. She writes a newspaper column that was the first and only vegan column to be nationally syndicated. From it's debut in the Philadelphia Inquirer and syndication by King Features, The Enlightened Kitchen was subsequently picked up and distributed by the Scripps Howard News Service. This popular column has now run for almost four years.

The January issue of Vegetarian Times marked the debut of the first vegan column in the magazines history. And who is writing this new column for this magazine that has published for over 25 years and has almost a million readers a month? Our very own VegSourcer, Marie Oser. Her column features a new and original vegan menu in every issue created by Marie. Last month the menu featured: Roasted Butternut Bisque, Savory Baked Tofu with Cranberry Rice Pilaf, and Green Beans Italian Style.

On the menu this month:

Marie has starred in more than 30 videos for VegTv, an internet channel hosted by VegSource. She and award winning television journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, produce streaming videos with a focus on food, health, and the plant based lifestyle. VegTv has produced over 100 videos. These include cooking demos, celebrity interviews, lectures and interviews with prominent nutrition experts such as Dr. Michael Klaper and Dr. Neal Bernard. Jane and Marie have also produced a one-hour Yahoo Special, VegTv News Presents: Fun Food California Style. This fast paced, celebrity studded special can also be viewed at

Vegetarian Times is making a concerted effort to appeal to the rapidly growing plant based market. You can show your support for this vegan column by sending an email to the editors of Vegetarian Times: