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Swap Board Rules

We want you to share some great bargains here,
but it's hard to sell your items if your post is deleted. :-)

Note: For smoother transactions, read swap tips and ideas here

Posts violating the rules will be removed and repeat offenders may lose their posting privileges.

1. Please do not use these boards to promote sales elsewhere. That includes other websites, stores, etc.

2. Use the same posting name consistently. One name per household. Anyone posting ads under more than one name will lose posting privileges.

3. Please do not put symbols in your posting name, including smiley faces such as :) and :0) and :-). These can cause a technical problem for other guests and will be removed from the board. You may use letters, numbers, and the following symbols: / - _ ,

4. Remember to include your email address. Swap board transactions are conducted by private email. Please do not respond to ads on the board. Please do not invite people to respond to your ad on the board.

5. On the Swap Boards only we have a limit of 3 posts per board per day. If you go over that, the monitor will remove all of your ads. The exception to this rule are the paid dealers, who are permitted six posts per day (Please scroll down to read the rest of the rules. Thank you!)

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6. Do not post the same item more than once a day.

7. Do not post the same item on more than one board. The exceptions to this rule are the VegSource Dealers, whose names you see in bold green letters. The Dealer fees paid by these good folks help to make these Swap Boards possible. Please support VegSource Dealers.

8. Do not post noncurriculum items (movies, games, puzzles, toys, equipment, software, musical instruments, etc) on the curriculum boards. These belong on the miscellaneous board. The exceptions to this rule are the VegSource Dealers.

Organizers, "How to Homeschool," type books, etc. should be posted on the FS Miscellaneous board.

WTB items (items you want to buy) should be posted on the appropriate WTB board. Please do not post requests to buy items on the For Sale boards.

Clothing, shoes, diapers, etc, and household linens should be posted on the Clothes Swap

9. Do not post fundraisers and/or requests for donations.

10. All items must have a set price which is listed in the ad. Please do not invite people to make offers or negotiate the price. If your items don't sell today at this price, you can always list them at a later date (not later the same day) at a lower price. If you are offering a discount for purchasing more than one item, the exact amount of the discount must be specified in the ad.

11. All items offered for sale must be listed. Please do not invite people to email you for a list of items and/or prices.

12. No links, website addresses, or invitations to email you for links or website addresses are permitted in Swap Board ads.

13. Do not type your subject line in ALL CAPS or with a lot of !!!!!!!!!!! and ********* or other attention getting devices.

14. Please do not use the Swap Boards as bulletin boards. If you are looking for someone or having problems with a transaction, please use the Swap Problems Board

15. Please don't post comments on other people's ads.

16. The following items may not be bought, sold, traded, or given away at VegSource: Alcohol; tobacco; live animals; dead animals; furs; other animal parts; reproductions (copies) of printed or recorded materials; eBooks (these are licensed to the original purchaser and cannot legally be resold); personal grooming products such as perfumes, soaps, face creams, cosmetics etc; cleaning supplies; medical supplies; chemicals; weapons and/or explosives; foods;dietary supplements; health supplements; drugs of any kind; real estate sales or rentals or vacation packages except by registered VegSource Dealers; coupons, gift certificates, tickets to events, store credits, or other negotiables; hazardous materials; and/or any item it is illegal to buy, sell, trade and/or possess in the United States.

Note: Guests are not permitted to take action that deliberately alters or disguises your originating IP (gateway) info when posting on the boards. Doing so will result in permanently losing your posting privileges

NOTE: Before using these swap boards, you must join the VegSource Dealer Program if you are:

a) distributing products for someone else, (Please note this includes current or former consultants/reps selling off leftover or discontinued or sample stock, displays, supplies, etc.)

b) distributing self-published items,

c) selling items acquired for resale (including selling the books from a library or school),

d) selling unusually large quantities of merchandise,

e) selling any handcrafted merchandise

f) selling a service

g) offering material for rental

Please do not post for someone else. Doing so will result in both parties permanently losing posting privileges

VegSource respects the privacy of guests and has zero tolerance for anyone harvesting email addresses posted on our site in order to send out spam in the form of unsolicited commercial email. If you harvest emails from our site and send spam to our guests, formal complaints will be filed with your ISP and any websites/companies involved. If you receive an unsolicited email from someone who you think got your email from our site, please let us know so we can investigate and take action.

Thank you! Good Luck and Happy Swapping!

Note: For smoother transactions, some tips and ideas click here