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Note from Jeff & Sabrina of
John Robbins' groundbreaking book, "Diet for a New America," caused us to become vegetarian 18 years ago. John has been an inspiration, mentor, guide, leader, and we dedicated VegSource to him and his wife, Deo, when we opened 12 years ago. Please read the email below, and if you are able to help the Robbins family in this tragic situation involving Bernard Madoff, please follow Patti Breitman's instructions below.

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John Robbins
John Robbins

From: Patti Breitman
Date: January 7, 2009 3:36:53 PM PST
Subject: Helping John Robbins

Dear friends,

If you have ever been moved by the integrity of John Robbins' life, or if you have opened your heart to animals because of his compassion, now is the time to pay him back.

Stan and I just sent John Robbins the most generous cash gift we could afford. I am writing to ask you to consider doing the same.

Along with hundreds of celebrities, charitable organizations, universities, international banking institutions and even some small towns, John and his family are victims of the criminal, fraudulent Ponzi scheme of Bernard Madoff. The family learned last month that they have lost their entire life savings. John and his wife Deo have always lived frugally. They saved just about every dollar they could. And they thought their money was invested safely. But it turns out that their investments were stolen from them, and there is very little chance they can recover any of these funds upon which they were living. Now the Robbins family is facing a sudden and severe financial crisis.

To economize, the family has rented out every extra room in their house and every spare space on their property. Still, it is not clear if they will be able to pay their mortgage or keep the property they share with their son, his wife and their two grandsons. Both Michelle and Deo have taken on part time jobs, and Deo has also taken over the formerly paid for day care for their special needs grandchildren. John is writing a new book, but it could be many months before any income may come from that effort.

I cannot imagine a man who has had a greater positive influence on the vegetarian movement than John Robbins. Because of his books, countless people around the world have changed their way of eating, dressing, and relating to animals. Because of the integrity he has shown in his life, countless people have found the courage to turn down job opportunities and great financial gain if the work caused harm to others.

John's compassion for all beings, and his ability to share his vision through his speaking and writing, are among the greatest gifts I have witnessed in my life. I offered to send out this appeal for help when I learned of this terrible injustice to a man who has dedicated his life to ending injustice toward others.

If you can help John and his family now, please send a check made out to him. Send it to John Robbins, c/o me, Patti Breitman, 12 Rally Court, Fairfax, CA 94930, and I will send it along to him immediately without opening the envelope. (I do not want his address to be circulating on the internet, and I do hope you will forward this email to everyone you know who knows of John's work and might want to help him.)

I first discovered the truth of all life being connected through John's books. And while I am saddened that this criminal financial loss has happened to him, I am thrilled to be able to pay him back in small measure for all he has given to me through his work and his life choices. Thank you for sending the most generous contribution you can for this extraordinary man of peace whose many contributions have saved countless lives and moved countless more toward peace.

With appreciation and love,
Patti Breitman
12 Rally Ct.
Fairfax, CA 94930

FURTHER COMMENT FROM JEFF NELSON of VegSource: I know Patti Breitman personally and can vouch 100% for her integrity and reliability. If you would prefer to send money directly John Robbins, please contact me using this form and I will provide you with directions on how to do that.

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