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Watch the Natural Products Expo 2003!

Los Angeles

March 21, 2003 -- The Natural Foods Expo took place in Anaheim, California, between March 7 through 9 this year -- and it was bigger and better than ever!

But don't take our word for it -- watch the online streaming video and see, smell and taste your own way through the show!

We're featuring this 25-minute streaming video presentation where you can meet many of the people behind the foods and products we love.

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Or read on to see who's featured this year, and then click at the bottom of this article to watch the show.


Vicki Slotnick
President, Organica Foods

Seth Tibbott
Founder, Turtle Island Foods

Dwight Sinclair
President, Mexi-Snax

Matthew Koch
Founder, Road's End Organics

Paul Wenner
Founder, GardenBurger

Davy Davidson
President, VegTime

Peter Lamas
Founder, Lamas Beauty

Jennifer Fabos
Owner, Fabes Natural Gourmet

Richard Burke
Founder, Performance Labs <= Free samples on this site!

Marina Leung
President, Tasty Eats

Rachel and Andy Berliner
Owners, Amy's Kitchens

Michael Galli
Founder, Red Jellyfish

Terry Dudley
Fantastic Foods

Jessica Gurry
Food Techologist, Soy Delicious

Ted and Ann-Marie Norquist
Founders, WholeSoy


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