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Busting the Vegan Counterfeiter

Meaty "vegan" marshmallows -- Watch this CNBC expose on how a company was scamming vegans, kosher Jews, Muslims and everyone else. Then read below for how you can take action to help the veg community.

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What is outrageous in the CNBC piece is that the company, Emes, has been permitted to get away with deceiving, defrauding and preying on the vegetarian community, with no consequences.

This CNBC story came about as the result of efforts by Zel and Reuben Allen of the VegSource-hosted site Vegetarians in Paradise. They are interviewed in the story and in fact, according to CNBC, they "made the story happen." The Allens sent letters to the Illinois attorney general attempting to get some investigation and prosecution. However, the attorney general's office reportedly told CNBC they had only received seven letters of complaint about the matter, and hence weren't taking any action against the company.

It is time for the vegetarian community to show a little outrage here in order to persuade the Illinois attorney general to go after these guys at Emes. Consider writing your own letter, especially if you (like the owners of used to eat these "vegan" marshmallows, and now feel really upset that you were deceived.

Below I am reprinting a letter sent by the Allens, which contains the contact info for the attorney general which you can use in your letter. Please consider joining us in writing today, so that a clear message will be sent, that people defrauding the vegetarian community will not be permitted to get away with it.

Re: Emes Kosher
File No: 2005-CONSC-00129394

Ms. Lisa Madigan, Attorney General
State of Illinois
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706

Dear Ms. Madigan:

You cannot imagine our disappointment with the lack of effort made by your office in investigating the fraudulent, deceitful, and unethical business practices of Emes Kosher Products.

Your office has “closed the file” on Emes Kosher Products, but CNBC has not. We would like to direct your attention to their story, “A Puff Piece,” that will air during this entire month of May on Business Nation. Air times are listed on the Business Nation web page at

What boggles our imagination is that a company like Emes could violate local, state, and national laws but no public agency would prosecute them for their nefarious deeds.

We have a voluminous file on this company and would be more than delighted to share the information with your office.


Zel & Reuben Allen



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