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VIDEO: CNN Headline News -- Inhumane Factory
Farming Practices to Blame for Flu Outbreak

It breaks our hearts to know that our vegan children are
in danger because of the horrendous practices supported by
other people, who can't give up their bacon addiction...
-- Jeff & Sabrina



The hog industry is upset about the attention
being given to dangerous factory farming conditions.
They have asked WHO to change the name of the virus
and remove the word "swine."

But they cannot change the facts: The virus originates in swine.
There is no dispute about that.

It has been known to be transferred to humans from swine
before the current outbreak.

The pork industry points to the fact that Smithfield Pork
producers say that the virus has not been found in pigs
in its own tests in its operations there in Mexico.

Because those pigs of theirs that they tested weren't sick, their
argument goes, this particular outbreak "doesn't come from pigs."

With the government and media bowing to pressure from the pork
industry, it's not surprising that some
people are now becoming convinced that it is merely a huge
coincidence that this "non-swine" flu outbreak orginated . . . within
one mile of the largest, dirtiest pork facility in North America.

Some point out that this swine flu issue is a tempest in a teapot,
because it's not very lethal -- a very small number actually have
died from it.

True, but the issue is not the lethality (or lack thereof) of swine flu.
Instead, it's that it's novel (so few humans are immune), and is
easily transmitted from one person to another.
That's why (in part) WHO has raised its alert level to 5 (out of a possible 6).

If large numbers of people become ill (esp. more-or-less
concurrently) that will overwhelm medical facilities. And due to
the nature of these things, first-line medical staff could very
easily be (disproportionately) sick themselves.

The knock-on effects (esp. considering other services would
also be hit, including such mundane but vital functions
like food delivery and shopkeeping) could make things quite unpleasant.

Finally, see this article that Swine Flu May Have Evolved at US and Not Mexican Hog Farms

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