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SKINNY BITCH: A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!
Book Review by Marr Nealon

An author friend of mine laughed when I told him that lately I only read audio books. The CD version of a good book can be one’s savior amidst gridlock traffic in Los Angeles. So when I recently checked the audio books section at my local Borders, I was thrilled to see Skinny Bitch on the top shelf – a book title I’d heard of but not looked at before. An endorsement on the back of the box from my friend, John Robbins, best-selling author of Diet For a New America and Healthy at 100, made me smile: "Skinny Bitch is outrageous, wickedly irreverent, and right on the mark. Any young woman who pays attention to this book will become healthier, thinner, and more powerful."
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The book cover’s description really doesn’t give away its dietary focus. I love that, because it really is about taking a frank look at one’s habits across the board, and making a commitment to getting serious about getting healthy.

I went into the book not having heard anything about its unique style. So I was stunned, amused and tickled to experience the blunt, straight-to-the-point manner of authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. They are my kind of gals! At this point in time, there are a wide variety of books on the market that teach the merits of a plant-based diet. But never before has anyone taken such a fun, frank, girlfriend-to-girlfriend approach. I was so delightedly taken aback by so many of the passages, that I had to keep rewinding to make sure I’d heard right. I kept calling a vegan friend to leave chunks of it on his voicemail. Just when I was worrying that he was going to flog me for leaving too many messages, he called to say how much he was laughing over them!

Skinny Bitch is chock full of solid nutritional advice. It also gets into the serious dangers of some common bad habits, including the consumption of diet soda and caffeine. The evils of aspartame are rarely addressed in diet books, thus I loved that this subject was covered so thoroughly. And as someone who has been on and off coffee numerous times, I welcome being reminded of the side effects of a cup of java.

I’m always thrilled when an author delves into the case for buying organic. It’s undeniable that eating organically grown foods is crucial to our personal health, as well as the survival of the planet.

Don’t skip any sections of this book…that would be cheating yourself and cheating the truth. The way to complete, effective change is to thoroughly study and absorb the topic. I loved this book right away and dove in for a second round before loaning it to a friend. She also loved it—and immediately made a big shift in her diet.

At the end, there is an extremely thorough and very helpful ingredient list. You may find it astonishing that there are so many that are animal-derived. This is followed by a list of acceptable foods to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, and a sample of a month’s worth of mouth-watering meal suggestions. Both lists were far too long to jot down, so I went online and bought the soft-cover edition just for those lists!

The authors have a follow up cookbook--Skinny Bitch in The Kitch--which is packed with simple and unique recipes to get you started. I read that a professional male athlete borrowed his wife’s copy of Skinny Bitch and was inspired to change his diet, demonstrating that the book transcends gender. But just to be sure, the authors are hard at work on their upcoming new book: Skinny Bastard!

Rory and Kim cover the topic from so many angles, thoroughly entertaining you in the process. I highly recommend Skinny Bitch to anyone who is tired of wasting money on books that teach you the latest fad diet. If you are ready to get REAL and get healthy, Skinny Bitch is ready to take you there!

Marr Nealon has been vegetarian for 23 years, and vegan for 19 years. She is the former chairperson of EarthSaveLA; past president of Howard Lyman’s non-profit organization, Voice for a Viable Future, and co-producer of the documentary, Mad Cowboy. Marr provides nutritional consulting and gives vegan shopping tours at local health food stores. She can be reached at:

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