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Yummy New Non-Dairy Ice Cream Flavors!
Reviews by Marr Nealon

Years ago dessert lovers seeking non-dairy ice cream had few options, other than a few basic flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Today there is an ever-expanding variety to choose from. And they seem to just keep getting better all the time.

Rice Dream was a pioneer in the alternative ice cream field.Today, their pints and bars are surrounded by a growing number of other selections in natural food store and supermarket freezers from coast to coast. Check out their new gourmet line called Rice Dream Supreme. My favorite item is the Vanilla Hazelnut Fudge ice cream bar on a stick, coated with chocolate. It has a rich, thick, creamy texture that’s totally satisfying and delicious. My second favorite is their Chocolate Caramel Chai bar on a stick. At first, I didn’t really like the chai spice flavor. It seemed like an taste that belonged in tea not ice cream. But the second time I tried it I was too busy enjoying the chocolate and the caramel to notice it! These two flavors also come in pints, along with two other unusual flavors. Vanilla Gingersnap contains very gingery cookie chunks. And if you close your eyes while eating the Sweet Peach Pie flavor, you’ll swear you are eating a slice of pie!

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Good Karma Foods has created the Organic Rice Divine line of rice-based, non-soy, organic, non-dairy pints in wonderfully sumptuous flavors: Banana Fudge, Mint Chocolate Swirl, Mud Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Coconut Mango, Very Vanilla and Carrot Cake. I liked them all, including the latter, even tho I don’t actually like eating carrot cake! The Banana Fudge is very strong on banana. What took the industry so long to come up with a yummy banana flavor? Mudd Pie has a vanilla-mocha base, with pieces of almonds and chocolate cookies, and a ripple of fudge running through it! They also make little personal cups of vanilla ice cream with a swirl of either fudge or strawberry. They round out the selection with Very Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream on a stick, coated in chocolate. The most exciting part to me is that all of these products are totally organic, not just the main ingredient.That really IS good karma!!

Turtle Mountain has several lines of pints, bars, and ice cream sandwiches. For a long time they have provided us with delicious flavors, especially in their Purely Decadent line. My all-time favorite flavor is Turtle Trail - vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered pecans and trails of caramel running through it…yum! But now they’ve outdone themselves with four exciting new flavors: Pomegranate Chip, besides being wonderfully sweet, has huge chunks of rich, dark chocolate throughout. I expected So Very Strawberry to be sorbet-like. It is definitely not. It has a very creamy strawberry ice cream base with hearty chunks of strawberries and a ribbon of strawberry sauce. Cookie Dough is packed with hunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, and who wouldn’t like that? It’s even gluten-free! Coconut Craze will definitely please the exotic fruit palate, with its rich coconut ice cream and bits of shredded coconut, roasted almonds and dark chocolate flakes.

As a bonus, all of these frozen desserts are cholesterol-free and are far lower in fat and calories than their dairy-based counterparts.They also consume less natural resources to produce. So enjoy better health and a lighter carbon footprint, while enjoying these incredibly delicious treats!!!

Marr Nealon has been vegetarian for 23 years, and vegan for 19 years. She is the former chairperson of EarthSave LA; past president of Howard Lyman’s non-profit organization, Voice for a Viable Future, and co-producer of the documentary, Mad Cowboy. Marr provides nutritional consulting and gives vegan shopping tours at local health food stores. She can be reached at:

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