Homemade Soymilk, Fresh, Tasty, and Quick!

A review By Marie Oser

On the Soy Talk Board here at Vegsource, making homemade soymilk and tofu has been a popular ongoing topic. Why? Well, fresh homemade soymilk is tasty, extremely cost effective, and as long as you have soybeans on hand, you rarely run out. One important advantage is the ability to control the flavor and purity…. you know everything that goes into it.

No longer a messy and very lengthy process, making soymilk these days as easy as making coffee. There are a quite a few styles available, and for the most part they will do the job. However, the difference in flavor, and texture, can be dramatic, and dependability and clean up are also a consideration. The SoyQuick Automatic Soymilk Maker comes with everything you need to get started making fresh, delicious soymilk and tofu as soon as you open the box. And SoyQuick is true to its name, making soymilk in just 13 minutes. Quick!

The latest model SoyQuick machine features a new comfort grip handle, low base stability, and is packed with 10 soy recipes from my kitchen. The UL Certified SoyQuick machines still have the exclusive easy-pour spout, are now packed with molded recycled eco-packaging. Planet-friendly, I like that.

And now there's a video! Kitchen's Best asked VEG TV to produce a video manual soon to be shipped with each new machine. The easy-to-follow video manuals take the mystery out of making the best soymilk and tofu at home, proper operation and suggested methods of cleaning. The manufacturer recommends Laura Beans for the best flavor and texture, including them in the box along with ten packets of tofu coagulator with every SoyQuick machine. It's amazing to see the block of tofu solidify in the durable SoyQuick press. And it's fun!