Vegan World Fusion Cuisine
Thousand Petals Publishing
November 2004, $24.95 Hardcover
Second Edition by Mark Reinfeld, Bo Rinaldi

By Marie Oser

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine

The Cookbook and Wisdom Work from the Chefs of the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant
With a Special Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine is a beautifully illustrated work of art that showcases over 200 scrumptious international dishes, from the kitchen of the world-renowned Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Kaua’i, Hawaii. The gourmet vegan and live food cuisine is created with pure, simple, and natural whole foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, unprocessed grains, unbleached flours, and unrefined oils and sweeteners. This must have cookbook features fun recipes such as, Surya’s Fire Roasted Gazpacho, Super Shakti’s Spanikopita, Noanda’s Pistachio Blue Corn Crusted Tempeh, That’s Amore Tofu Cacciatore, Transcendental Tropical Ratatouille, Green God Smoothie, Bananananda Bread, and Eternal Bliss Balls.

More than a cookbook, Vegan World Fusion Cuisine is a guide to peaceful and loving food preparation that can take the reader on a spiritual odyssey enriching the body, mind and spirit. What I loved most about this book, and what makes this a truly unique work are the inspirational wisdom quotes, stunning sacred site photography, and original art.

Mark Reinfeld & Bo Rinaldi, authors of Vegan World Fusion Cuisine along with their partners in the award winning Blossoming Lotus Restaurant, advocate conscious and wise food choices that can heal our bodies and restore balance to the planet. The foreword, written by celebrated primatologist and longtime vegetarian Dr. Jane Goodall, speaks to the far-reaching consequences of our food choices; and recommends Vegan World Fusion Cuisine as a manual for sustainable, and non-violent living.

Well-organized, the ten chapters of recipes from appetizer to dessert, are preceded by a comprehensive section devoted to the General Principals of Vegan Food Preparation that include organic, and living foods, GMO awareness, healing teas, and more. The authors have compiled a wide-ranging Resource Guide with over 50 organizations devoted to vegan education, and issues of organic farming and permaculture, animal rights, and world hunger. In addition there is a detailed glossary, as well as photos and short bios of the many contributors to this book and it’s inspiration, the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant.

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine has been nominated for four book awards and has won the prestigious 2005 Nautilus Award, “Best Book by a Small Press,” endorsed by Martha Stewart, Omni Media. Whether you are an experienced cook, longtime vegan, or novice, I heartily recommend this cookbook, it is a treasure and an inspiration.

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