DVD Review - The Not The Cooking Show:
The Magic of Raw Foods Cuisine by Paul Benhaim

Reviewed by Caryn Hartglass

Not The Cooking Show Raw Food DVD

Raw food diets have become a popular trend. Workshops, food preparation demos, retreats and lectures on raw food diets are popping up all over the place. Many of them are quite costly. It's hard to know which ones are worthwhile. If you are at all curious about raw foods I recommend the "Not the Cooking Show DVD." Paul Benhaim from Down Under has come up with a program that is really entertaining.

This DVD is simply "gorgeous" as Australian Paul Benhaim would say. The opening menu is extremely entertaining. There's a bug-eyed celery stalk skating across the screen, a broccoli stalk that sticks it tongue out, a very happy, bouncy orange and a few other adorable animated fruits and veggies. I sat and watched the menu for about 5 minutes before selecting an option. You can choose from "Not the Cooking Show," "Promo" and "Special Features." In the "Not the Cooking Show" segment, Paul Benhaim shows you how to make several dishes, including Yum Thai Curry, Blue Almond-Berry Smoothie and sweet Macadamia Pie. The dishes are simple to make and delicious. During the demos, there are clips of Benhaim going to blueberry and macadamia nut farms and a health food store where he got some of the food for the recipes -- making it all the more interesting. The appliances used in the demo included a quality blender, a juicer, a food processor, a spiral slicer and a dehydrator. At the end of preparing each recipe the list of ingredients are shown so that you can jot everything down while listening to some lively music.

I didn't realize until I watched everything else that there are three bonus clips of additional food demos. Benhaim prepares some vegetable nori rolls, beet root soup and a crunchy greens salad with three dressing. He is so excited about everything he makes. He makes you want to jump into the kitchen, throw those ingredients into your blender and as Benhaim would say, "give it a wiz-bang."

The real bonus is the segment called "Special Features." There are two interviews with Paul Benhaim along with interviews with well known doctors and researchers in the field - Dr. John Fielder, Sapoty Brook and Greg Neville. Paul is quite passionate about his diet and enthusiactically talks about how and why he got started with raw foods. His approach to integrating raw foods into the diet is simple and appealing. He encourages people to buy locally grown, organic food. The other interviews give the viewer a varied insight into the benefits of a raw food diet from several experts who have been following the diet for a long time. Sapoty Brook, raw for about 25 years, follows a simple raw diet that includes a small amount of raw fish. He talks a lot about the importance of minerals and where to get them. Dr. Fielder, who has been raw for about 40 years, is now in his seventies. In the interview he discusses the importance of the raw food diet with a wide smile and twinkling, clear eyes. Greg Neville's presentation is a bit off the subject as he talks about the psychosomatic affects on health - how our thoughts can contribute to our health or lack of it.

If you want to know more about the raw food diet, or just want to incorporate more raw foods in your own diet, this DVD is worth watching. It can be purchased online at www.notthecookingshow.com for $23.95 plus shipping.