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Lamas Products Now Available at Wild Oats!

We've previously reviewed some Lamas Products in our article entitled Award-winning Skincare Line -- is Vegan

We at VegSource have known Peter Lamas, founder of Lamas Beauty for several years now. We were pleased and honored when two years ago he decided to launch his glorious vegan skin and hair care products on VegSource - everyone in the Nelson family uses the Lamas line, and can vouch for its high quality, not to mention the honesty and integrity of the company's founder.

Peter Lamas has made it his life's work to produce natural, effective, AMAZING vegan skin and hair care products, and we believe he has succeeded -- admirably.

The Radiant-C Face & Body Wash leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed,
silky, and toned. There is no residue -- all that is left behind is a light, fresh scent and baby-soft, touchable skin.

The conditioner is magnificent. It leaves hair smooth, soft, and
Detangled without weighing it down or making it go limp.

All the shampoos are luxurious, with a rich lather that won't strip or Dry the hair. The Chinese Herbal Shampoo cleans and nourishes the hair and is a tonic for the scalp. It's a treat to use it a few times a week, and the aroma is intoxicating and invigorating.

A unique feature of the Lamas products is that they are suitable for
Both women and men and even children. The scents are simply pure and natural, with no heavy perfumes. The first time you use them you will know you are entering a whole new world of "natural" -- these are not the common health food store variety products . The entire Lamas skin and hair care line is elegant and such a pleasure to use! I recommend it highly!
-- Joanne Stepaniak
Grassroots Veganism

Until recently, the Lamas Beauty products have been available almost exclusively on-line, and in health food stores here and there across the country. Well, we are VERY pleased to announce that as of August, you are now able to purchase the entire Lamas Botanicals Hair Care line at Wild Oats stores all over the country. No more waiting a day or two for your package of goodies to arrive via UPS - you can have them within minutes at your local Wild Oats.

Lamas Beauty is the only hair and skin care company to display a vegan symbol on its label with the prominence and pride that it does - they support and care for the vegan community. You have an opportunity to reciprocate this support -- and get some fabulous products to boot -- by purchasing some Lamas shampoo, conditioner or cleanser, etc., from Wild Oats in the next few weeks. You can help insure that this wonderful vegan company stays on the shelves at Wild Oats, as well as possibly expanding to other natural food chains as well. Let Wild Oats know you appreciate that they've decided to carry Lamas Beauty's vegan products!