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Veg TV on the Road in India
Rich history, culture, lifestyle and cuisine

VegTV, the ALL VEGAN VIDEO ALL THE TIME website is in the North of India in the princely state of Rajasthan with exciting new episodes that explore the timeless beauty of a land frozen in time where visitors are treated to medieval hospitality at palaces and villages and fabulous vegetarian cuisine is what 70% of the people eat every day!

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Marie Oser and crew are guests at the castle of the Lord of Bhadrajun, Raja Gopal SinghJi, an amazing human being and avid conservationist. Ecology

Join Marie Oser and Prince Kunwar Veer Singh for a tour of a Bishnoi village. The Bishnnois are vegetarian, protectors of wildlife, and the world’s first environmentalists. They are self-sustaining and live in much the same way for hundreds of years. Ecology

At VegTV, healthy eating is always plant based, making India a veritable Vegetarian Disneyland for the Veg TV cast and crew. Indian cuisine is offers one of the most diverse vegetarian cuisines found anywhere in the world. Chili, curry powder, cardamom, garlic, onions, cloves, turmeric and cumin are all common ingredients in Indian cooking, and many of these aromatic spices have been credited with numerous health benefits.

Tune in to the Cooking Show with Marie and Chef Ritu Sherma on location at the Lake Pichola Hotel in beautiful Udaipur. Veg Kofta in Spicy Sauce Recipes

Marie is in the kitchen at a gorgeous Eco-Retreat in the Aravali Mountains.
ARANYAVAS—Aloo Gobi Recipes

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