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Male Pattern Baldness?
Q&A with Bill Harris, M.D.

Q. Hi There, I am just asking the doctor if he knows of any food that can be taken on a vegan diet to suppress male pattern baldness. I have been vegan for 3 years now I am 31 ,male and fine otherwise.Blood test have proven I am fine yet all my hair from my eyebrows and head has vanished very rapidly.Supplements of zink b-12 and omega 3 have made no difference.Universal alopecia ? if there is a remedy I would be delighted to try it .

A. Dear James,

Sorry. You have tried everything I can think of and I have no other food suggestions.


-William Harris, M.D.

William Harris MD received a degree in physics from the University of California Berkeley, where he earned Phi Beta Kappa honors. He received his degree in medicine from the University of California at San Francisco, and received his postgraduate training at San Diego County Hospital. He holds a Medical License in the State of Hawaii. He has been an Emergency Department physican since 1963, and the Director of the Kaiser Permanente Vegan Lifestyle Clinic on Oahu until his retirement in 1998. Dr. Harris is the author of The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism.

In addition, he was the 1950 Big Ten Trampoline Champion, is an accomplished hangglider and commercial pilot, and at age 70 became a skydiver with 108 jumps to date. Dr. Harris has been vegetarian since 1950, and vegan since 1963.

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