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Takes Off as the Pies Fly

Successful sandwich product on west coast expands eastward

VegTime Handi-Pies are flying eastward. The organic vegan heat-and-eat sandwiches are popular with health-conscious consumers. They love their savory flavors made with fresh vegetables as well as their convenience. The four flavors of the hand-held, stuffed and baked pies are BBQ, Curry, HotChick (tastes like Thanksgiving) and Thai. Handi-Pies are currently sold in health market freezers on the west coast and are entering stores in the west starting in April.

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Ms. Davy Davidson opened VegTime, Inc. as a pilot for a restaurant chain in San Francisco in May 2000. The quick-serve restaurant provided delicious, organic vegan food where Handi-Pies were the signature product. The cafe enjoyed a loyal following for a year. The significant drop in the customer base that resulted from local failures and lay-offs proved unsustainable and so it closed in June 2001.

In June 2002 VegTime entered the wholesale distribution business to sell products through health and conventional markets. Davy’s goal remains the same: to establish VegTime as a trusted brand name in the organic and vegetarian food sectors to provide healthy and convenient foods. She fervently believes, “you can have your pie and eat it too!”

VegTime is committed to a consistent environmental policy. In accordance with the organic national standards Handi-Pies contain at least 70% organic ingredients. Handi-Pie cartons use recycled paperboard. And a percentage of profits are planned for giving to organizations that educate the public about sustainable organic agriculture, animal cruelty on factory farms and the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Ms. Davy Davidson, Founder and President
VegTime, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
phone: 415-921-8925

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