Truenorth Health Expands to New Facility

Editor's Note: TrueNorth is a medically-supervised water-only fasting center in Northern California.'s Sabrina and Jeff Nelson have each done a 10-day water fast at the center which had amazing health benefits. We have run a series of articles about TrueNorth and their work on VegSource -- water-only fasting has been shown to effectively combat several common ailments such as high blood pressure. Studies in major medical journals bear this out. We recommend highly that anyone with health challenges, or who simply wants to "reset" their health clock and move forward from the best place, look into and consider TrueNorth. With this expansion of their reasonably-priced program, many more people can now benefit. At the end of this article below are links to some of the articles on fasting and the TrueNorth experience.

Over the past 25 years of operations, the doctors of TrueNorth health have supervised the fasting and care of over 6000 participants in our residential health education program specializing in the supervision of fasting.   Several years ago we realized that the demand for our services had outgrown the 20 bed capacity of our current facility. 

Dr. Goldhamer purchased 27 acres of beautiful land in Sebastopol CA with the intention of building a new Center.  Unfortunately after exhaustive development work, government agencies decided that THEY wanted the land and made it impossible to move forward with our planned development.  We were forced to sell the land (at a considerable loss) to the government in order to be able to move forward with our plans for a new, much larger Center.

Fortunately, we found the perfect solution in a 24,000 sq foot apartment complex located in a most prestigious part of Santa Rosa, California.  Surrounded by multi-million dollar Victorian mansions, the new facility includes a beautiful, completely secured central courtyard complete with mature landscaping, trees, roses, fountain and more.  The new facility is near a lovely walking area.

New Center

The new Center has been completely renovated and each suite is complete with beautiful furnishings selected by our talented interior decorator.  We have a T1 line with modern phone system offering participants personal voice mail and free local and long-distance calling.  Our high speed internet connection is freely available over a WI-FI network throughout the facility and grounds.

We have 2 dozen, 2-bedroom suites, and each bedroom has its own private bathroom and each suite shares a large living room and dining room with a 42 inch LCD TV and DVD player.  All rooms have new, adjustable sleep number mattresses and luxurious bedding. We also have 8 deluxe rooms with queen or king sized beds, and their own private 37 inch LCD TVs.

No Fee Increases

Despite the dramatic increased spaciousness of our new facility, we have retained our modest prices and continue to offer a private room and private bathroom, educational program, all meals or fasting supervision for 139 dollars a night.  Lower rates are available for shared accommodations and deluxe rooms or entire suites are slightly higher.

New Chef

One of the new additions to our staff is Chef Ramses Bravo who comes to us after serving for 4 years as the executive chef at the famous Kenwood Inn Resort and Spa.  Chef Bravo has developed a variety of outstanding dishes that fully comply with the TrueNorth Health strict policy of avoiding all animal products, as well as added oil, salt and sugar.  He will be teaching a variety of cooking classes to our participants and should make your transition to healthful eating a real joy.

The professional staff of TrueNorth Health includes the owners and founders Drs Goldhamer and Marano, medical director Peter Sultana, M.D., and staff doctors Isabeau, Linzner, and Alexandrakais, all certified members of the IAHP.  We also have clinical psychologist and author of The Pleasure Trap, Douglas Lisle, PHD.  Regular participants in our guest lecturer program include Jeff Novick, T. Colin Campbell, Howard Lyman, and others.

New Programs

In addition to the supervision of water-only fasting the center now offers a less intense program of juice fasting. We also have a new special healthful feeding program we call “Escaping the Pleasure Trap”.  This new program focuses on healthful eating and exercise in addition to our daily health education program.  The adjacent Paramount Fitness Center has made a variety of fitness training services available to our participants.

We have expanded our training program for physicians wishing to gain experience and certification in fasting supervision and expect to accept a limited number of non-physician interns wishing to participate in our new cooking school designed to train interested parties in the preparation of health promoting foods.

If you would like to experience the benefits of undergoing a water-only fast, a juice fast or a healthful eating program in order to regain or maintain optimum health, there has never been a better time.

Special Holiday Program

The new TrueNorth Health Center will operate year-round and we will be offering a special holiday program from  Dec 23rd through Jan 2nd for those wishing to start the new year off healthfully. 

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