Mike Mahler | Jim and Natalia

Honeymoon In Vegas

Some snaps from the wedding day of VegSourcers Jim and Natalia
To view the wedding itself, click here (13 mins. Quicktime video)

On the way to the chapel

The guards to make sure no one escaped from the limo

Massage chairs to ease the pre-wedding jitters

Once you get the vest fitted, it's too late to back out

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It fits! Yay!

Bridegroom in training on the right

What could be better than one Natalia? Two Natalias!

A heavily-sedated Natalia poses in her gown

There wasn't time for a bachelorette party, so we had a little private celebration in the fitting room.

Woo hoo! It were a good party!

The bride wore white!

Look at all the cheesy poses you can get out a bride!

A pillar of bride

Those flowers looked really great!

Que bonita!

If you're a former Miss Peru, once you're married does that make Jim Mr. Peru?

Bride in her last few minutes of being single

Uh-oh, Elvis is in the building. And it's looks like he's about to steal the bride!

Ring bearer reporting for duty

The deed is done. Mr. Peru poses with Elvis.

Oh well, he lost Natalila, but there's always another woman around the corner for Elvis.

Viva Las Vegas!

Wedding party waits while the press photographs the bride and groom.

The wedding party leaves to party!

Yes, it's vegan!

It was almost too pretty to cut!

But that didn't stop them!

Hey, save some for the rest of us! Pigs!

Finger-licking good!

The rest of this is for the ring-bearer.

Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz-Glackin

To view the wedding itself,
click here (13 mins. quicktime video)