Business With Compassion

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So ubiquitous that it’s practically invisible, small business is the driving engine of the U.S. economy. Some 26 million little guys and gals represent 70 percent of the annual job growth thanks to the 700,000 startups that hang their shingle every year. Yet the trials and tribulations of small business have been long overlooked by authors and consultants. Now they have a friendly counselor on their side. In his new book, published by HarperCollins, entrepreneur, activist and former corporate CEO Tom Gegax reveals all the secrets that big businesses don’t want the little ones to know. Tom’s holistic management system combines warm-hearted intuition with tough-minded linear thinking for outfits ranging from one employee to one hundred, as well as for would-be entrepreneurs.

Written with the zip of a newsmagazine and the nuts and bolts of a textbook, Tom's Big Book of Small Business is receiving international praise and was featured on ABC's “America This Morning” and business radio’s “Bob Brinker Show.” With unprecedented breadth and wit, The Big Book management system is a slingshot for the Davids of the world, small companies who represent 99 percent of America’s businesses and 50 percent of the jobs in the country.

Tom is a member of a small group that inhabits both the “higher consciousness” and business worlds. He has served on the boards of numerous food, environmental and principled business organizations: Center For Ethical Business Cultures, World Business Academy, Earth Save, Center For Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), Chopra Enterprises, and Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance.

As an entrepreneur, Tom has been on the leading edge of holistic wellness for twenty years. His Tires Plus employees worked at a Feng Shui-designed headquarters that offered meditation space, a fitness center, a shiatsu room for daily massages and a wellness coach. It was common for employees to convert to vegetarian diets after hearing guest speakers like John Robbins and Deepak Chopra and witnessing how a plant-based diet served Tom.

Tom grew his business idea from a sketch on a napkin into a $200 million company employing sixteen hundred people. Today, he consults small businesses. Tom's ideas—featured by The New York Times, Fast Company, CNN, CNBC, ABC—win praise from Chopra (“The essential guide for those wanting higher profits and lower stress”), Horst Rechelbacher (“Tom has mastered the Art of Business”), Marianne Williamson (“a top-notch businessman demonstrates the consciousness of a balanced human being with the rigor required to run an organization”) and Robbins (“Tom knows what he’s talking about”). The Big Book is available on Amazon for $19.77 or