Rejoice! Vegan Marshmallows are Here Again!

Review by Gail Davis

Oh, happy days!

Perhaps you remember reading my earlier review of vegan marshmallows here on Vegsource back in 2004. It was called "They're Ba–aaack! And Boy, Was It Ever Worth the Wait." After years of having none to choose from, suddenly, there were several companies making vegan marshmallows, and I reviewed my two favorites: Vegan Supremes and Tiny Trapeze. Then suddenly, about a year and a half later, they were nowhere to be found. The reason: the vegan gelatin manufactured by Emes Kosher Foods, which both companies used to make their delicious treats, was suspected of not really being well, er, vegan. According to several sources, the gelatin tested positive for the presence of animal protein, and it looked as though Emes gelatin was not so kosher (or vegan) after all. With no suitable replacement for this vital ingredient, both companies stopped making vegan marshmallows.

Since then, a very industrious and creative vegan baker named Sara Sohn from Queens, New York, spent over a year in her kitchen quietly developing a truly vegan gelatin that would enable her to create a soft, chewy, meltable vegan marshmallow. The result: Sweet and Sara Vegan Marshmallows are a gourmet vegan treat that tastes incredibly delicious. These heavenly little pillows come in three luscious flavors: Vanilla, Mexican Chocolate, and Toasted Coconut. They are packaged in 7.5 oz. containers which holds about 12 large marshmallows (the perfect size for toasting!) But I also plop them right into my favorite hot chocolate and eat them straight out of the package. You can order them online at these fine vegan stores:

As if that weren't enough, Sweet and Sara also makes Smore Pies that will knock your socks off! These sensationally sweet saucer-shaped treats feature rich, dark chocolate wrapped around a chewy marshmallow center and graham cracker cookie. I'm not kidding when I tell you these are so unimaginably sweet, that even with my insatiable sweet tooth, I could not finish one at a single sitting. (Which meant that I still had some to enjoy later!) They come in Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter varieties. Order them online directly from Sweet and Sara.