Gail Davis | Vegan Marshmallows

They're Ba--aaack and Boy, Was It Ever Worth the Wait
by Gail Davis

When all the supplies of Emes Kosher Marshmallows dried up several years ago, a vegan marshmallow could not be found. Far and wide, we searched the world for a replacement to a beloved sweet treat. Finally, vegan marshmallows are back and in typical feast or famine style, there are now several varieties to choose from. Following are my favorites:

Vegan Supreme Marshmallows are tasty little pillows of pleasure that melt in your mouth. They're the perfect size (not too big, not too small) for dropping into your hot cocoa or toasting over an open fire. You can use them to make S'mores or top your baked yams and of course, they're delicious eaten straight out of the bag, too. You'll find them at:

Tiny Trapeze Confections makes vegan marshmallows that are distinctly delicious. These jumbo-sized marshmallows boast a heavenly sweet flavor. Though kids will love them, these marshmallows seem to have been designed for the adult palate. They come in two fabulous flavors: Simply Vanilla and Truly Chocolate. Made with real cocoa, the sensuously chocolate flavor is unlike any other candy or confection I've ever tasted. Though a bit pricey, they are a luxurious treat that you simply can't afford to deny yourself. Warning: once you try them, you will be hooked. We could even see more vegan marshmallow flavors on the horizon like Lemon (think Lemon Chiffon) and Peppermint. Get yours at:

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