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ANNOUNCING THE 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Expo!


Announcing the 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Expo!

Get ready to learn the latest health info.

Get ready to reconnect with like-minded friends.

Get ready to be re-energized by spending a dynamic
weekend with the top health experts in the world.

Get ready to attend the VegSource Healthy Lifestyle
Expo 2009!

When: Friday through Sunday, October 16-18, 2009.

Where: the Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, California.


Tickets now on sale at:


You don’t want a heart attack.

You don’t want cancer.

You don’t want to be fat.

What you DO want is to have a great life, a good
income, lasting friendships and control of your

And all of that starts with control of your health.

We have been producing this event for eight years
now and, to be blunt:

There is no other event anywhere – anywhere – that
brings together this particular group of top-level

People like health legends John McDougall, MD, and
Joel Fuhrman, MD.

Bestselling authors like the ENGINE 2 DIET’s
Rip Esselstyn, SKINNY BITCH’s Rory Freedman.

Health myth-buster Jeff Novick MS, RD.

Top vegan chefs, exercise experts – and
much more.

This year the Expo has a theme: Great health on
a budget. All of the experts will be touching
on this subject.

Having strategies for keeping your body – and
your pocketbook -- healthy are critical for these

And let’s face it. If the entire population of
the US attended the Healthy Lifestyle Expo,
heart, cancer, and diabetes specialists would
be laid off like Circuit City employees.

There would be no “health care crisis,” if only
everyone had access to the health icons
presenting at this year’s Expo.

But you DO have access to them, by signing up
for the Expo today.


We’ve been able to negotiate for this year
the same hotel room rate we had in 2007 –
$109 per night!

And Marriott spent a fortune renovating
the hotel since our last Expo, they’ve
turned it into a real destination spot where
you’ll want to hang out, socialize and relax.

We will provide information soon about
how to book your room with the hotel.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested and want to
be there in October, Expo tickets are
$200 for the full weekend – Friday night,
and all day Saturday and Sunday. The price
includes a low-fat vegan gourmet banquet
on Friday night, the opening night of
the event.


If you’re thinking of coming – please make
your decision and reservations soon, so that
we can be sure to have the Expo in October!

You can book your tickets online using our
secure server at


or call us at 818-349-5600 and we can
take your order by phone.

Hope to see you in October!

Peas & Love,
Jeff & Sabrina

VegSource Interactive