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Specialized medical resort offers 19-day lifestyle medicine program where those with Type 2 Diabetes restore their health

Sulphur, Oklahoma - Hundreds of people struggling with Type 2 Diabetes travel to the beautiful Arbuckle mountains in southern Oklahoma to regain hope and restore their health. They team up with lifestyle physicians and educators for 19 days to learn the causes of their disease and how to significantly decrease the impact of Diabetes on their life. Larry came from Texas for help with his diabetes. Keith came from Oklahoma to lower his cholesterol and reduce his risk for another heart attack. Bobbi came from California to learn a way to lose weight for good. Rex came from Minnesota to lower high blood pressure. These are real people who had real challenges with their health. What do all these people have in common? They all experienced a life-changing program at one of the world's most comprehensive lifestyle medicine centers.

Providing hope and restoring health to individuals who struggle with diabetes (Type 2) is the mission of Lifestyle Center of America. Diabetes (Type 2) is one of four of America's top causes of premature death (along with heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity) robbing millions of Americans from enjoying time with their family, growing in their career, and simply enjoying life. Sixty percent of all women and men who come to the Center with Type 2 diabetes taking insulin are able to safely eliminate their insulin shots completely by the end of the 19-day program. Guests experience a 20 to 4 percent decrease in painful neuropathy symptoms. Fifty percent of all Type 2 diabetes guests completely eliminate all medication during the 19-day Diabetes Health Restoration Program and nearly all are able to substantially reduce the medication they are taking.

The success of the Center's approach lies in helping individuals understand and experience how making positive changes in their lifestyle can help prevent, improve, and even reverse diabetes health concerns. Franklin House, M.D., and President of the Lifestyle Center of America, says the key lies in addressing an individual's health from the root cause. "Many people have become accustomed to popping a pill in order to improve their health. Even though there are benefits to prescribed drugs, the down side is that they often treat the symptoms but don't address the underlying cause, especially for those diseases that are most often related to lifestyle. In addition, medications prescribed for diabetes can have significant negative side effects."

Dr. House is in good company when it comes to stating how important lifestyle is when it comes to health. Former U.S. Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, M.D., said that many chronic diseases are preventable by lifestyle alone. What is now being discovered is that they are not only preventable but in many cases actually reversible.

The Center uses proven principles such as a completely plant-based diet, appropriate exercise, and stress management to restore good health from conditions related to diabetes. "Probably what makes our program so unique is the time we spend with our guests. They tell us the most appreciated aspects of their experience is the in-depth attention they receive from our doctors and other health care professionals," says Dr. House. "It's not uncommon for guests to spend four to six hours during their stay one-on-one with their doctor. Many guests tell us that they have spent more time with their doctor here at LCA than they have spent with all other doctors in their entire life."

Medical Director, George Guthrie, M.D., believes the professional staff at the Center is one of the finest and most comprehensive of lifestyle medicine health teams. "We have doctors, nurses and nutritionists, but we also have an exercise physiologist, fitness instructors, a counselor, cooking lab instructors, chefs, health educators and massage/hydrotherapists. All work together to create a customized program for each and every guest." Even though the nonprofit organization is licensed as an educational institution, it is the experiences people have that make it all worthwhile. Those who attend the 19-day program typically lose 10 to 20 pounds, lower their cholesterol 20 percent, and increase their energy level while decreasing or completely eliminating their need for medication. "It's truly remarkable what guests can accomplish in as few as 19 days," says Dr. Guthrie.

The Center provides several physician-supervised programs from the 19-day Health Restoration Program to a one-day "Get Acquainted" visit. Fees range from $6495 to $95.

The design of the 100,000 square foot facility, surrounded by beautiful native forests with walking trails and abundant natural wildlife, includes medical and treatment areas, a fitness center with an indoor walking track and swimming pool, a separate spa area for hydrotherapy and massage for both women and men, saunas, whirlpool baths, steam rooms, a modern hands-on cooking room, and an educational lecture auditorium, along with excellent private guest room accommodations and Windcrest, a gourmet restaurant dedicated to healthful plant-based cuisine.

Discover for yourself how you can change your life and restore your health at Lifestyle Center of America. Call (800) 213-8955 to receive a free video and information package or visit their website at

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