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Dreams Do Come True!
Whole Foods Market Arrives -- Four Minutes from the Nelsons!

It was a truly GRAND opening at
Whole Foods Porter Ranch, on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2001

19340 Rinaldi Street
(corner of Tampa and Rinaldi)
Porter Ranch, California
(818) 363-3933
Above, customers crowd the doors for the 9:00 a.m. opening ceremony,
which included celebrities and LA City Council Members, welcoming
Whole Foods to the neighborhood, and giving warm speeches and presenting
various city proclamations.

Lots of folks on hand waiting for the doors to open. WF broke bread with all who came -- handing out delicious free loaves to all!

Sabrina and 79 second graders from the kids' school showed up to tour the new store!

Whole Foods bigshot Marci Frumkin (yeah, she's vegan) poses with Sabrina and the kids.

WF has booths you can use to sit and relax or eat if you can't wait to get home -- we love that!

Apparently, so does Ed.

Actor and vegan Ed Begley discusses why he's an avid Whole Foods supporter -- because of WF's commitment to organic foods!

Begley shows how fat he expects to get pigging out on WF organic veg deli items!

WF even had a little steel drum raggae band on hand to keep folks rockin!

This guy was so good we bought his CD.

WF had entertainment for the little ones -- a balloon clown!

What heaven on earth looks like...

Everything you want!

Vegan chocolate cakes!

Nice folks to help!

Gourmet takeout...

A Thanksgiving present for turkeys!

Great served with rice!

Did someone say soymilk? (This is just one bank of many!)

Aisle after aisle of stuff you need!

Future loyal shoppers!

Deli police...

Like olives??

Ran into our neighbor, wasting no time!

What goes with Whole Foods? How about electric cars -- and less dependence on oil, pesticides and chemicals!

Give us our daily bread!

So much to look at!

Vegan carrot cake anyone?

Did someone say fresh bread?

The kids love this!

Forget side dish -- this is a main event!

Yeah, you can get veg sushi, too!

5 a day -- are you kidding? Try 15 a day!

Kids learn about the importance of eating organic!

Pizza made to order!

Can we eat yet?

Just one of several salad and food bars.

Whole Foods - organic and delicious!

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