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   T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. | NewCenturyNutrition

The Truth Is Out There

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

This is an article about a new site called, a health internet site developed under the leadership of Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Dr. Campbell is one of the contemporary pioneers of the vegetarian movement. It was his path breaking research study - the China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project - that provided much of the scientific basis for the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. is dedicated to individual health empowerment through a unique blending of Western and Eastern health philosophies. This approach relies on the use of plants, both as foods and as medicines, to improve individual health. The first time visitor to the site is encouraged to enroll in Numbers for Life to accurately assess the current state of their health (currently under construction). A myriad of services and products is then available to help the individual improve his or her health.

VegSource highly recommends this unique web site.

For me, the evidence favoring the consumption of a plant based diet for good health has become truly extraordinary. But I have a confession. Why do I and a few other researchers and clinicians working in this field have so much enthusiasm for this evidence while so many people in the public remain skeptical? My confidence in this evidence has mostly come from my research, my teaching, and my participation in policy development, while working with some very bright students and colleagues.

My research experience has ranged from coordination of a nationwide nutrition program for malnourished and starving children in the Philippines, a 19-year series of NIH funded basic laboratory studies, and direction of a nationwide study on diet, lifestyle and disease mortality in China. On my policy development experience, there have been numerous opportunities to participate as an organizer, as an author, and as a reviewer of several national and international reports on diet and health---and what an education that has been! These have been extremely rewarding experiences.

Although many specific lessons come to mind from these experiences, a few general observations seem much more important. First, the underlying biological events of health and disease are very complex, although this complexity can now be reduced to some very simple and practical messages. Second, we now have enough research information, both contemporary and historical, to make reliable and useful policy. And third, the information most familiar to me is supported by a wide variety of studies of many other researchers, both now and in the distant past.

Even though this information is so powerful in its health implications and is so convincing, I often wonder, as do my colleagues, why it is that so many people are so confused so often. And for those who seem to know this information, why is it so hard for them to appropriately modify their behavior?

The reasons for our inability to change our behavior for our own good are many and could easily fill books and books. Indeed, books and books have been written over years and years. Two reasons seem prominent. One is that the information is simply not being adequately explained. The other is that the information that is available is so impersonal.

Solution? Why not make it possible for individuals to have access to a storage of their OWN personal medical data, their OWN numbers, them make it possible for them to understand what these numbers might say for their future health? Then, if their numbers are tracking in the wrong direction, why not provide for these same individuals high quality, scientifically based information that they can use to put things right?

A highly personalized system of tracking and managing these numbers should empower individuals to take more control of their own health. And where numbers are headed in the wrong direction -- and where there is readily available access to some good health information, it then becomes possible to use this information to see whether or not it

I have joined some of my colleagues to put together such a system that can be accessed by individuals either on a personally secure WebSite or on paper copy. It simply requires application and enrollment by individuals, following which personal medical information -- in the form of blood and urine test numbers, will be entered for disease risk assessment. It may be found at http://www.n, which also includes a collection of good health information that may be used to see if those problematic clinical numbers can be improved.

Based on the numbers entered into the Site, personalized risks for various common and serious diseases (coronary heart disease, stroke and Type II diabetes, with colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and osteoporosis in soon to be added) are returned to the customer on the Internet within a few seconds of data entry. An attractive display of risk assessment, with assorted explanatory information, can also be downloaded as hard copy.

The WebSite also contains information on the powerful effects of nutrition on health and disease at New Century Nutrition (http://newcenturynutrition.c om); in addition, a substantial body of knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is also available directly from China with much of it being several centuries old ( These bodies of information, that on nutrition seemingly new and that from China very old, have surprisingly much in common. Both are focused on the prevention of disease and on the consumption of a diet rich in plant based foods. Also, both of these reservoirs of information include several unique health provisions, some Chinese herbal preparations purchased and shipped directly from China, others focused on information exchange going both ways between the United States and China.

We are confident that this novel approach to health is highly futuristic while taking the best of the West and combining it with the best of the East to create a new model of health are better than either one alone.

Read more about Numbers for Life.


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