Foodpyra.gif (8101 bytes)You've may have seen the food pyramid that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) put together and distributes, suggesting their view of a healthy diet.  After decades of encouraging people to eat lots of meat and dairy, the USDA now recommends greatly limiting consumption of both.   (The USDA is Hamburge.gif (7049 bytes)also charged with helping the meat and dairy industries to profit and flourish -- which is an obvious conflict of interest -- and the consumer's health has always lost out at the USDA, and continues to lose out today.)

Hotdogt.gif (3340 bytes)The USDA hasn't been very effective in getting their present view of health across to the American people.  The average American eats nothing resembling the USDA recommended dietary guidelines.  According to the USDA itself, in 1994 the average American ate the following:Pizzasli.gif (4364 bytes)

  • 586 pounds of milk and dairy products
  • 394 pounds of vegetables
  • 199 pounds of meat, and
  • 193 pounds of products containing flour and cereal
  • 121 pounds of fresh fruit.

Milkcart.gif (4412 bytes)That totals over four pounds of food per day per person -- and nearly forty percent of that is milk and dairy -- which makes one very lopsided food pyramid! 

Butter2.gif (2550 bytes)The average American, rather than following health guidelines of having little or no milk and dairy products -- has milk and dairy as the BASE of their diet.  Milk and dairy are the chief ingredient in the Standard American Diet.  Icecone.gif (4177 bytes)It is little wonder, then, that heart disease and cancer run rampant in the U.S. 

Swissche.gif (3936 bytes)Milk is an excellent source of growth hormones, fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, blood, pus, antibiotics, bacteria, and viruses, and what the dairy industry touts as "the perfect food."


What Americans Are Really Eating (unfortunately):
ACTUAL Food Pyramid (yes, it's sad)

Looking at the same thing in terms of total calories consumed
rather than weight, the picture is even more clear:

Looking at calories consumed
s percentages of food groups:

You can see that the average American
consumes the following caloric breakdown:

Fruit:   about 3%
Veggies:  about 8%
Meat:  about 17%
Grains:  about 20%

Dairy: about 52% of daily calories!

(calorie calculations and graphs courtesy of William Harris, MD)

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To see the optimum diet for those who want
to be healthy and avoid degenerative diseases, click here.

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