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   VegSource Interactive, Inc. | Press Release

Most Trafficked Veg/Vegan/Animal
Concerns Website

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mohandis Patil
Tel. (516) 977-6770

July 30, 2000 - Media Metrix Inc., which sets the standard for Internet and Digital Media ratings worldwide, shows VegSource.com as having the most traffic of any major vegetarian, vegan or animal concerns site. No other vegetarian, vegan or animal-related site even meets the minimum level of traffic required in order to be measured by Media Metrix (Media Metrix requires at least 75,000 unique visitors per month to a website in order to trigger tracking of that site - a number VegSource exceeds many times over).

Media Metrix provides advertising agencies, media, technology, and financial service companies with the most comprehensive coverage of all digital media. Using patented metering methodology, Media Metrix tracks Internet usage behavior, sampling the traffic of web surfers worldwide.

The Media Metrix data confirms results from other ranking entities, such as Netscape, which rates websites according to traffic data -- and also ranks VegSource.com as the most popular veg/vegan/animal concerns site.


VegSource was founded in 1996 by husband and wife team, Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, of Los Angeles, California. Their unique site is not only the leading vegetarian site, but one of the top 2000 sites on the net. VegSource has the latest in vegetarian-related news, content, editorials, recipes, experts, parenting and nutritional information, a free dating channel, and the premiere veg travel service, offering free customized travel and dining reports for nearly any city in the world.

In addition, VegSource provides free hosting, design and promotion for many leading vegetarian and animal-related organizations and individuals, including Howard Lyman, John Robbins, Joanne Stepaniak, John McDougall, MD, EarthSave International, PCRM, FARM, Farm Sanctuary and many more, most of which are accessible from the front page of VegSource.com.

Perhaps more than any other factor, the success of VegSource is due to having created a very real community - and a community in the finest sense of the word. "VegSourcers" care about and want to see each other online every day, and support each other when they're in need.

Says Jeff Nelson, President of VegSource Interactive, Inc., "In the past four years we've been through everything with our guests that can possibly happen in their lives and be shared on the Internet - matchmaking, marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and hackings. We've even been cyber-squatted by a jealous wannabe."

It's that sense of extended family that's made VegSource a crossover hit on the 'Net. Evelyn Johnson of Abilene, Kansas, came to VegSource in March of 1998 for the homeschooling resources. Says Evelyn, "I never would have imagined becoming vegetarian when I first came to VegSource." But in December of the same year, Evelyn says "We went from being a meat and potatoes family to total vegan overnight! I lost 70 pounds and my husband's health improved dramatically." Frankie DelVecchio of Austin, Texas, is taking it a bit slower. "I went to VegSource for the political discussion. I like to debate issues on the Political Confusion board. They're wearing me down, though," he laughs. "I tried veggie burgers, now I'm hooked on them."

"The fact that we have more traffic than many major sites that have spent tens of millions of dollars is very heartening to us at VegSource," says Jeff Nelson. "It goes to show that heart means more than money. And unlike many other big sites, we're hiring, not firing." VegSource is one of the few sites at its level of traffic that is still independently owned and operated. "A lot of this is due to the fact that we love what we're doing," adds Nelson.

"It's been such an incredibly positive experience," says Sabrina Nelson, WebWitch of VegSource. "Everything we've encountered - the good, the bad and even the cyber-squatting - has just made us that much closer to our guests than we were before. We can say truthfully we have dear friends all over planet Earth. Who could ask for more than that?"

"It bodes well for vegetarianism," says Howard Lyman, President of EarthSave International, "that a family-run site can break through the pack of commercial entities and have an impact on people's lives like VegSource has. It shows that the movement is healthy and growing that such a wonderful thing could happen."



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