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   Marie Oser | Recipes

SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker.....A Review
by Marie Oser

Commercial soymilk can vary pretty dramatically in flavor, texture, and price. The refrigerated varieties are very popular, however they are the most expensive of all. For many of us, especially parents of growing children, the expense of keeping lots of soymilk on hand can be considerable. The new automatic soymilk makers have become really popular among health and budget conscious consumers. Why? Because making fresh soymilk at home for 42 cents a gallon is pretty hard to beat. And it¹s delicious and FUN!

The SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker has become a favorite among many homemade soymilk aficionados. It¹s sleek design and seamless stainless steel construction are considered superior to other brands. In my experience with the SoyaJoy machine , I have found the quality and consistency of the soymilk and the ease of maintenance to be deciding factors.


The SoyaJoy uses presoaked soybeans, a process which I prefer for several reasons. First of all, the volume of soymilk produced is greater. This is especially important if you like making homemade tofu, as I do. With three quarts of homemade soymilk (two batches) made with presoaked Laura Beans, I can produce almost 19 ounces of fresh, delicious tofu. Also, I consider the taste of soymilk made with presoaked soybeans to be superior.

It really isn¹t a big deal to presoak the beans and you can let them soak from six to sixteen hours. Generally, when I set the beans to soak the night before, I make the soymilk in the morning. When I set the beans to soak in the morning, I make the soymilk later in the day. The process is effortless. Just fill the canister with water to between the raised lines, place the beans in the filter cup, plug in the electric cord and press on. That¹s all there is to it!

My Soy Talk board members have also recommended filtering fresh soymilk through a "gold" permanent type coffee filter for maximum creaminess. I have tried this and find that this method does add a silky texture to the soymilk. I love making homemade soymilk and tofu, and have never experienced a problem with my SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker. I recommend this handy machine to anyone who is interested having in fresh, delicious soymilk on hand reasonably and deliciously! To view videos demonstrating making homemade soymilk and tofu using the SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker, go to: www.vegtv.com.

Marie Oser is the VegSource Host of Soy Talk. She is a bestselling author, columnist, and on-camera chef at www.VegTv.com Her latest book is More Soy Cooking, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

SoyaJoy gets VegSource's highest rating! Jeff and Sabrina have been having a ball with their SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker, coming up with a variety of different flavors and consistencies. You can't go wrong with a SoyaJoy -- we love it! Don't be fooled by imitations and Johnny-come-lately ripoffs -- SoyaJoy is the original, the granddaddy that started it all! The quality of construction, the safety and the power of the machine are the best out there. It's made of the finest materials available -- a surgical stainless steel cooking pot with smooth edges all around -- and it's built for safety and ease of use. It's not only the best, it also happens to be the most reasonably priced! Compared to SoyaJoy, other soymilk makers look like toys! We will be giving away SoyaJoy Soymilk Makers during the VegSource Conference!

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