The Enlightened Kitchen

The Enlightened Kitchen, written by VegSourcer and bestselling author, Marie Oser, began running in October, 1999 in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This plant-based, weekly column was subsequently picked up by King Features Syndicate and run in a number of papers across the country.

The Enlightened Kitchen is now available across the country on the Scripps Howard News Wire! For nearly a century, Scripps Howard News Service has provided breaking news and dozens of regular columns. As of November 14th, Marie's new "Home Paper" is the Ventura County Star which covers ten Southern California cities. The Star is a member of the Scripps Howard chain, which includes The Food Network, The San Francisco Examiner, and the London Observer, among many others.

This column offers mainstream consumers an alternative to traditional animal based meals. Marie demonstrates how to create delectable dishes with wholesome ingredients that deliver a healthier bottom line WITHOUT losing taste, texture, or mouthfeel.......Easily, healthfully, and deliciously!

The first column offered on the wire features a fabulous Holiday Roast, complete with rich-tasting, creamy brown gravy and cranberry stuffing....A perfectly delicious meal for a very special vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. This column is available now online at,1375,VCS_230_877238,00.html

Contact your local papers today and tell the editors that you want to see this terrific weekly column in your area!