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Take Me Out to the Ball Game --
With Veggie Dogs, Please

It was a beautiful day for a ball game. The sun was shining, the temperature was gently rising into the mid 60's and the Cincinnati Reds were in town for their first game of the season at Dodger Stadium. Orel Hershiser was on the mound, holding the Reds to one run. Johanna McCloy and live-in love John Street were in the stands cheering the Dodgers on to what seemed like certain victory.

Winning is good for the appetite and at the top of the sixth inning, McCloy and Street headed out to the concourse in search of something to eat. Wending their way through the crowd, they turned first toward the Stadium Club where they had bought vegetarian food in seasons past. The Club was gone, replaced by VIP Suites. Undaunted, they started down the line of concession stands. Ham, ribs, burgers, one concession after another served only selections with meat. Seven outs later, they returned to their seats with nothing but peanuts.

The Dodgers racked up an 8-1 win, but the day was a loss for Johanna and John. Baseball is a game of traditions and they wanted the classic ballpark experience, hot dog and all. The more Johanna thought about it, the more it bothered her.

"There are a lot of baseball fans who don't eat meat for a variety of reasons and they should be able to partake in a dog at the ballgame along with everybody else."

An activist by nature, Johanna decided to find out what vegetarian foods other ballparks offered. She contacted each of the major league clubs and their concessions managers. The answers ranged from the truly depressing (Florida Marlins, where the vegetarian options consist of pretzels and ice cream) to the Oh-My-Gosh-It's-a-Meal! in Anaheim, where the Angels serve up a vegetarian focaccia sandwich, mac&cheese, yogurt, garden salad, a veggie wrap, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a veggie bowl, and baked potatoes.

What she really wants, though, is for every ballpark to make veggie dogs available. Not in special "health food" sections, not in a remote corner under the stands, but right there with the other hot dogs where patrons can see them and try them and have the classic ballpark experience in a way that's much healthier for them (not to mention the animals!). And she hasn't given up. Johanna's staying in touch with the teams and their concessions people. She's lobbying for veggie dogs with every phone call, every letter, every email. And you can help.

Says Johanna, "Let your baseball teams know that you want veggie dogs at their games. Send emails. Write letters. Call them. Ask for the concessions manager. And spread the word. The more voices they hear, the greater the likelihood that this will happen."

Where to write. Who to call. What to eat.
A team by team report by Johanna McCloy.

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