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In the Vegetarian & Vegan News...
   Alberto | Vegetarian Inn in Italy

A Vegetarian Success Story from Sunny Italy

I received this charming story from newsletter subscriber, Alberto Musacchio,
who runs the spectacular Country House Montali in Umbria, Italy. If only
I were as fluent in Italian as Alberto is in English. How I would love to visit
his gorgeous inn! -- Sabrina Nelson

Dear Sabrina,

We are writing to communicate the victory of an important battle!!!!

We do run the only exclusively vegetarian Inn in Umbria (the region just
next to Tuscany) and we are proud of it. We had ten years a veg restaurant
before with a professional Japanese chef and in twenty years of experience
we are now considered very professional. The San Francisco Chronicle
mentioned us and we work with the best European Tour Operators to
promote our unusual business.


But last year the law changed that rules what we call "Farm House " (as
our Hotel is also a farm with the law that want us to produce a certain
number of products in the farm itself).

So the new law says that we do have to have a certain amount of animals
and to grow them in order to produce also the MEAT for our clients (600

So, as we are 20 years vegetarian and we run a business EXCLUSIVELY
veg., we went to the local gov. office explaining our reason why we don't want to
raise animals. The answer was that the law is like this and that they can't
change one law only for one singular place.!!!

So we went home and I e-mail a famous journalist who write for the most
famous italian newspaper and managed to have my letter printed.
The answer from the local government came 20 days later. They didn't
like at all to have been ridiculed on the paper and, as my farm house was not
respecting the new law, they REVOKED, our license to work, moreover in
the middle of the season.

You have to know that we bought this piece of land 10 years ago and it
was left since 45 years. We restored the fields (25 acres) planted 3000
trees, restored the house, built three more houses for the guests,
brought electricity, telephone, built the road, and spent a fortune. Plus, we
wanted to run the hotel exclusively vegetarian in one of the most meat oriented regions in
Italy -- so more effort to take international contact for the business,
AND at the end of all this work we have to see our work going bankrupt for a
bloody law done by some idiot that in 1998 don't know that also
vegetarians do exists?

So I wrote again to newspaper and I managed to have a second letter of
mine printed and in 24 hours two Senators called me to give me help. Many
people called me and the local gov. office (more than 50 fax and letter of
protest to the office). Green party offered me lawyer to help me in the
expensive trial in the court, and a week later, the MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE
himself (as farm-house we depend on the agriculture dept.) brought the case in

You can imagine the reaction in the local gov. office!!!  They got terrified.
In their awful mentality they thought of vegetarian something in between an
unknown animal and a gay, that, not eating meat can't be a real men (not
to disrespect gays, but just to give You the idea) and never thinking a veg
could do all this confusion. They were called from journalist, people, lawyers,
senators, member of parliament and even from the Office of the President of
the Republic!!!  They got terrified and thought at the end that the best and only think
to do was to change the law.

So today after 4 months I have got the letter from the same office
communicating me that with the new law my license was perfectly ALL

So excuse me if my letter was so long but I was happy to share my
satisfaction with a group of other vegetarians.

All the best for Your beautiful work and if You want give a look to our
web site.

Azienda Agrituristica Montali, Via Montali 23
06068 Tavernelle di Panicale (PG) Italy
tel: **39 /*758350680
Fax **39/*758350144


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