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We Love Our Hatemail

December 12, 2001 -- We get tons and tons of wonderful letters from our readers. It's the vast majority of mail that comes in, and we really appreciate it.

Occasionally, we get angry rants from people saying our perspectives are all wet, and that meat and dairy are crucial parts of a healthy diet.

Once in a while, we get hatemail like the one below, from someone who's vegan, but who isn't living in the same world as the rest of us.

When I tried to respond to this hatemail, it bounced back because it was sent from a fake email account.  Aww…they can dish it out, but they can’t take it?


If you get tired of wading through this long rant (as I did), you can click here to jump down to the bottom of this page to read the response I tried to send to this coward.

The Hatemail:

Date sent:          Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:36:36 -0800
From:                 svcb@worldnet.att.net
To:                     publisher@vegsource.com
Subject:              Hi


It never ceases to amaze us as to the hypocricy of the Vegan or Vegetarian community. This is why we believe in kindness, compassion, and the golden rule rather than calling ourselves Vegan.  However, we also believe in standing up for what's right and not holding back when people need to be told off. We found your "dream come true" on Whole Foods rather amusing and hypocritical to say the least. First, let us make it abundantly clear that we are not against companies making profits for running a thriving contributing enterprise. We dont live on Mars and realize that co-ops, no matter how wonderful some are---are a non-force and scarce entity in the food industry. But your ra-ra  "dream come true" give 'em a front page treatment ---attittude towards Whole Foods and all the Bagley support crap was just too much to ignore. This is a store that in many locations has a lobster tank. Now tell us---do you know what that is for? Wanna know what happens to those babies when dropped into hot water alive? Think it's like an LA Hottub? Wanna know how they are wrapped when they leave the store. You are hypocrites to the tenth power as is Bagley. They also carry Veal. (yeah Im sure...it's the kind...more humane raised veal...sing your song to someone else) Again, you all are hypocrites. This is a store that adds plenty of misery, pain, fear, sufferring, and death to plenty of animals and you go wild over them and even put them as a main headline on the front page. If they were pure evil---we'd fight them and not shop there. But the reality is that they are "just another store" with a greater selection of some helpful products that are tough to find elsewhere.  So we shop there occassionally. You give them press and go wild for them and make a fuss over them. Guess you are looking to line your pockets with some of their ad monies soon. (we bet it crossed your mind and even if it didnt or you'd never admit it---they certainly dont deserve the accolades you and some of these hypocrite stars fawn all over them) Maybe you'd like it if someone put you in the Lobster tank in the La Jolla store or put you through the process right after you were born or very young to make you that piece of veal sitting in the case. This is why we tell our friends that we arent vegan, vegetarian. or any label---because most of those people are pure, unadulterated hypocrites. We like the non-pretender meat eaters that at least "are what they are" (even though it stinks) over the hypocrite vegetarians any day. We know plenty of vegetarians that could not care less that a cow is killed, sold, and sliced up for meat and all the other by-products after its milk production goes down EVEN ON FAMILY FARMS!. (our friends own one)

They could not care less if a cow's male calve is turned into veal neither. As long as they can eat their cheese, milk, and butter, and yogurt---and preach their self serving , leftist, elite garbage on how wonderful they are as a vegetarians. These are the same hypocrites that have no problem with putting a black piece of cold metal in killing something with a heartbeat so long as they can have a "choice" that suits their irresponsibility--and it suits their convenience or possible embarassment. Choice gets checked at the door when another life is involved. Your choice is for your life --not others--and certainly not something with a heartbeat. What was funny today is that when we read your site--it made us think of a group of folks we know in Boston who all spout their vegetarianism and dont even eat cage free eggs. (and amazingly they have ZERO problem with that even when we bring it up...as do most vegetarians show non-chalance about when we bring it up) Usually--we wouldnt waste our breath and time that we can never replace---but your Whole Foods promo-like front page and dream come true stuff--- was just too much to handle. Guess they havent set up the lobster tank or put the veal in your store yet. Guess you dont know a lot of what Whole Foods is involved in. Sure you do--you've driven to others---it's just hypocricy.  Oh please...organic? 60% of their produce here in San diego (even with tons of Organic farmers here in NON organic!!) What planet are you on. Ok they have more than Vons or Ralphs, but even those stores are improving. Even little Ocean Beach People's Co-op and Jimbo's both have more organic vegetables and fruits than "big" PROFITABLE Whole Foods. So please don't talk about their organic committment. We almost puked. (by the way people in SD know this and that coop is the most successful we have seen in 14 cities we have lived in---they are even building a new multi-million dollar, bigger, green unreal building due to their sucesss. (while other coops are going down the tubes) You may want to pay a visit and look at that new building they have under construction. Even in the winter when things stink for organics, they have a lot more.  Tell it like it is. You can roll around in the cash you earn from your site---and you can fool everybody but yourself and the man upstairs. (and the few who have the guts to call you and the Bagley's and the vegetarians of the world on their utter hypocricy). Wanna laugh? Go look at the side of Whole Foods soy milk. People buy this refridgerated for a variety of reasons--but for the most part, it's mostly vegetarians who dont want milk. They (Whole Foods 'smart" food guy--what a schmuck store..this is what they call him) suggest mixing in some milk and egg protein with it to make a morning shake. We are not kidding.

Yep--that's why most bought the soy milk---so they can add egg and milk to it.
Whole Foods has lots of nice folks working for them and lots of tremendous hypocrites. And lots of people that are no different than any other corporation. Have the balls to tell it like it is or dont at all. We used to eat fish and turkey and the like till we woke up and realized what hypocrites we were. We have never been hypocrites like you( and so many others)  since becoming vegans. We dont tolerate the hypocricy of folks like you---we point blank put a magnifying glass on it. It may wash in plastic , fake, LA--it doesnt in our book. Live your lives based on truth and consistency or keep your mouths shut--because you come across as pompous hypocrites just looking to make money (that's right...CASH)  off a site... instead of exhibiting honor in the field of speaking up for animals that have no voice. And its always the unpopular 1% like us willing to tell folks like you this while the rest of the bandwagon sheep (including the "famous" ones) just root you on. This is why the world always has been what it is--- and always will be what it is. Don't write back--we arent interested and your message will be deleted. Pay a visit to the SD store in La Jolla if they havent set up your Lobster tank or Veal viewing area yet and put yourselves in their shoes...slowly...moment by moment... during and till the ends of their lives. Really put it and feel it in your mind if you have the guts. People that give compassion deserve compassion. People that are admirable and show consistency deserve admiration. Take an objective step back in a quiet moment and do some self evaluation (which most people are NOT capable of or really willing to do) and tell yourself... if after you see what you see (and think about it) if everything above wasnt true. We are sending a copy of this to several papers such as the NY Times, etc (not that it will acomplish anything--we arent deluded)  as we think that when you claim that you speak for--- or even somehow represent or showcase the vegan community by maintaining a leading site like this---you dont. We are entitled to our opinion in this country and we plan to do so. Sites like yours need to have the light shined on them. Lobster tanks? Veal? (not even mentioning LOTS of other things in their stores) We think you have some Karma heading your way. That's where the animals and us get our real justice. The animals are waiting for your visit and the glass tanks and cases are nice and clear and cleaned---you'll have no trouble visually seeing it...its the other type of seeing that we think you'll have a problem with.

End of Hatemail

Our Response

Here is a copy of my response, which bounced because this "loving compassionate" vegan sent their hatemail from a fake email account…

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
  ----- Transcript of session follows -----
.. while talking to gateway4.worldnet.att.net.:
>>> RCPT To:<svcb@worldnet.att.net>
<<< 550 Invalid recipient: <svcb@worldnet.att.net>
550 <svcb@worldnet.att.net>... User unknown
Final-Recipient: RFC822; svcb@worldnet.att.net
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.1
Remote-MTA: DNS; gateway4.worldnet.att.net
Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 550 Invalid recipient: <svcb@worldnet.att.net>
Last-Attempt-Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:21:45 -0800 (PST)

      Subject:         Re: [Fwd: (Fwd) Hi]
        Date:           Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:11:55 -0800
       From:            Jeff Nelson <publisher@vegsource.com>
 Organization:       VegSource Interactive, Inc.
        To:              svcb@worldnet.att.net
  References:        1

Hi there:

Thanks for your note.  Sorry I do not have time to read all of it (I actually have a life...!) but I did read part of the first paragraph and quickly scanned the rest.

The bottom line is that it's fortunate that you do not have a website or otherwise are out trying to make a difference in others' lives.  You should remain an angry judgemental individual who has time to write endless droning run-on pieces. 

Whole Foods generously donated $5,000 in order to make possible WorldFest, a day-long totally vegan festival this past September that drew between 12,000 and 15,000 people to hear vegan speakers and sample great vegan food.  The donation was made to a non-profit organization we help, not to us, and we've never received a dime from Whole Foods. Whole Foods also put fliers for WorldFest into the bags of each of their customers at the checkout counter of several of their local stores, encouraging them to attend this vegan event.

Our enthusiastic report at seeing a Whole Foods store open near us was both a genuine expression of our delight, as well as a thank you to WF for their generosity in helping make it possible to put on the largest vegan event ever in the US. 

I realize that you probably believe no such events should take place unless and until every donor, supporter and contributor has been thoroughly checked out and passes some arbitrary ridiculous non-real world standard you set.  But if the progress of vegetarianism and a compassionate lifestyle were only dependent on people like you, there would be very few vegans, no great food for vegans, and no positive encouraging messages out to the public -- just an overwhelming impression that vegans are assh*les -- and it would be accurate.


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